Is It Good to Study MBBS in Malaysia?

Is It Good to Study MBBS in Malaysia?

Malaysia is one of the most popular Asian countries in medical standards. MBBS, especially in India, is the dream career of students and an essential job as per parents. Due to India’s low enrolment rate and high fees, Malaysia’s affordable medical programs are beginning to work. MBBS in Malaysia is open to international students and local students. It lasts for 6 years, with a total term of 5 years. It provides students with practical and theoretical knowledge and an internship in famous hospitals affiliated with various universities.

It is equivalent to India’s MBBS according to NMC (National Medical Commission) regulations. After completing the course in Malaysia, students will receive the “Doctor of Medicine” degree. More than 20,000 international students from all over the world are studying medicine in Malaysia. The cost of MBBS in Malaysia is very low for both local and non-local medical students. Except for specific qualification standards, there are no entrance exams for medical schools in Malaysia. With endless job opportunities and generous salaries, MBBS in Malaysia is undoubtedly an ideal choice for aspiring medical students worldwide for Indian students.

Reasons to Study MBBS in Malaysia for International Students

  1. The Malaysian government has spared no effort in solving academic problems and financial difficulties.
  2. Malaysia’s literacy rate is 95% and it is well-known worldwide for its MBBS quality and cost in Malaysia.
  3. Most medical schools in Malaysia is accredited by NMC (National Medical Commission), WHO (World Health
    Organization), FAIMER (Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research), and UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization).
  4. For Indian students, the MBBS fee structure and accommodation fees in Malaysia are relatively cheap.
  5. In addition to high-quality infrastructure and education, students with a medical degree or any professional
    degree from the Malaysian Institute of Medicine can apply anywhere in the world.
  6. Malaysia is a beautiful country with a rich cultural heritage; it has always attracted tourists and students to
    explore and learn.
  7. Some government universities have more than 200 years of history, which adds a certain old-world charm to this country.
  8. Traveling in Malaysia, especially for students, is very cheap, and they can get special discounts when traveling in the country.
  9. Malaysia has high security and low crime rate. Therefore, Indian parents do not have to worry about bringing
    their sons (especially their daughters) to this country to study MBBS in Malaysia.
  10. Malaysia’s MBBS fees for Indian students are meager and affordable and provide quality education.
  11. Studying MBBS for Indian students in Malaysia means more opportunities to participate in various research projects, seminars, and international student exchange programs.
  12. To study MBBS in India for Indian students, it is not necessary to obtain IELTS (International English Language Test System) and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) MBBS admission qualifications in Malaysia.


Eligibility Criteria for MBBS Admission in Malaysia for Indian Student

  1. For the candidate to take MBBS admission in Malaysia must be above 17 years minimum and below 25 years as of 31st December in the admission year. admission in Malaysia must be above 17 years minimum and below 25 years as of 31st December in the admission year.
  2. The candidate must be from a science background in 10 + 2 with PCB (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) + English language for MBBS admission in Malaysia.
  3. The candidate must at least have 60% or more than 55% for SC (Scheduled Castes) or ST (Scheduled Tribes) or OBC (Other Backward Classes).
  4. For MBBS admission in Malaysia, students must not be from any open board school.
  5. As per the latest notification issued by MCI (Medical Council of India) in accordance with the decision taken by Delhi High Court, students aspiring to enroll in Foreign Medical Universities in 2019, and did not qualify or register or appear in NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) – 2019 should produce an Eligibility Certificate issued by the Medical Council of India (MCI) at the time of admission to abroad medical universities.
  6. The Student must have their Indian Passport and Malaysian visas at ready.