Study Gadgets You Can’t Do Without

Study Gadgets You Can’t Do Without

The use of study gadgets has become essential in the world of today. The Covid 19 pandemic has transformed the field of academics and compelled schools and universities to take on a technological approach in the way they function. Study gadgets are hence needed not just for students but also for teachers, parents, and others to expand their knowledge and improve their skills. They use the internet on various devices to connect and have instant access to all kinds of information. This is why the demand for offers such as the Spectrum WiFi plans is increasing by the day. However, if you do not have quality study gadgets you cannot enjoy the benefits that the web offers in terms of studying.

Study gadgets greatly reduce the effort and time that’s put into a task. It increases the efficacy of the students, allowing them to perform and deliver in minimal time. In other words, it not only facilitates them but also boosts their productivity. So, let’s have a look at some of the must-have study gadgets for 2021.

1. HP Pen

Students often find it very difficult to go through lengthy articles on the internet or in PDF format; it keeps them from highlighting or marking important points. This is where the use of HP pens comes in. The HP pen can be used the same way as you use a regular pen on paper. Plus, it also gives the user the freedom and choice to change color and style. It doesn’t have ink issues and can be simply recharged with any electrical appliance.

2. A Wi-fi Router

Whether you’re studying from home (as in the case of the pandemic) or living in a hostel, if you wish to enjoy good signal Wi-fi and can’t afford to tolerate slow speed, it’s best to set up your own router. It’s a proven fact that personal network speeds are much better as compared to public or shared ones. Linksys AC1900 Dual Band Wireless router would be a good option in this regard.

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3. External Hard Drive

It is extremely important for students and teachers to back up their files in an external hard drive. This is because in case the computer or laptop stops functioning, you wouldn’t have to worry about lost data. Get a hard drive that can be used with a mobile device and offers a storage space of at least 2TB. The Seagate Backup Plus is one option.

4. Good Quality Headphones

Headphones with high-frequency audio are a must-have both in physical as well as virtual classes. A lot of times students face problems pertaining to the connectivity of audio with their computers and laptops. A poor internet connection may distort the voice thereby disrupting the communication between the teacher and students. So go for a headphone that is capable of catching weak signals and transferring them into clear audio quickly; it should also block background noises so that you are able to give your full attention to the task at hand. As per the experiences of many students, the Philips SHP6000 wireless headphones are quite helpful in enhancing their concentration levels.

5. Smart Reusable Notebook

During a lecture, what is your preferred method of taking notes? Is it typing everything up or writing on a notebook with your hand? Whatever may be the case, with the smart reusable notebook you have the choice to do either (whatever you prefer at the time). To use the notebook, you would need a special pen which comes along with it when you purchase it. Once you’ve made your notes on it, you can scan it and store it in your favorite cloud service and reuse the notebook for future notes.

6. Power Bank

Given the current world scenario, staying connected and carrying out tasks via digital means is the safest and most preferred mode. This is why most of us are costly glued to our laptops, smartphones, and tablets. This could take a toll on the battery life of the gadget being used. Hence, it is extremely important to have a portable power bank so that you don’t run out of battery in the middle of an important assignment or lecture.

7. Video Recording Device

Another gadget that is gaining popularity among students during these times is a video recording device. If a student has not been able to pay full attention during the lecture or forgotten a certain point, with a video recording device they are able to listen to the lecture again and get the clarity they need. Besides, it also allows them to fast forward and get to the point quicker.