Tips to Enhance your Wedding Mehendi

Tips to Enhance your Wedding Mehendi

Indian weddings are a series of auctions followed by one after the other. Marriages in India are not for one or two days; instead, they celebrate it for almost two weeks with a series of functions. Some festivities are celebrated before the wedding, and some are celebrated after the wedding. The best of the pre-wedding functions is the Mehendi function. There are various Tips for Indian Weddings available on the Internet but tips for Mehendi function are not present in large quantities. This function is celebrated mostly the night before the wedding day. Once you have completed your Haldi function, then you can start your Mehendi function. Mehendi also has medicinal importance. It reduces the bride’s stress before the wedding day. This article will describe some tips to enhance your wedding Mehendi.

Mehendi celebration is one of the significant celebrations in the wedding. In this function, the bride has to get her hands decked in the henna swirls. The function is mostly celebrated at the bride’s place. It is one of the mandatory functions of Indian weddings. There is a saying behind this function, “The darker the bride’s Mehendi is, the more she will be happy in her married life.” Some take it another way; they think that the darker the Mehendi color will be, the more the husband’s love. And due to these reasons, every bride wishes to have a dark, strong Mehendi on her hands. So, there are various tricks that you can apply to your Mehendi to give it a more dark shade instead of a feeble one.

This article will pinpoint some of those tips to enhance your wedding Mehendi. So, let’s start.

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Tips to Enhance Your Wedding Mehendi

In this section, you will learn some tips to enhance your wedding Mehendi.

Here is the list of tips that you can apply to your Mehendi to give it a darker shade.

  • Clove
  • Lemon and Sugar Mix
  • Mustard Oil
  • Vicks
  • Chuna
  • Tea or Coffee mix
  • Eucalyptus Oil
  • No Waxing or Shaving

Here is an explanation of each of them one by one.

1. Use of Clove

Using Clove to enhance your wedding idea is a beneficial home-made idea. Clove is not directly used over Mehendi; instead, it is heated in a pan, and then it is used. This is how you can use it.

  • Take seven to eight cloves and put them in the iron pan.
  • Turn on the flame and let the cloves burn till they start producing fumes.
  • Turn off the gas, place your hands over the pan and let them expose to the upcoming fumes. (Do not put your hand on the heated pan, you just have to keep them away from the pan at a suitable distance.)
  • Keep them for about 5 minutes and then repeat the same process at least three to four times to see astonishing results.

You can also use clove oil if available.

2. Lemon and Sugar mix

This is also one of the most used methods to enhance the wedding of Mehendi. To use this method, follow the steps mentioned below.

Note: For best results, wait for the Mehendi to get thoroughly dried.

  • Take on lemon and one tablespoon sugar in a bowl and mix them perfectly.
  • After the mixture becomes a paste, take a cotton ball. Dip cotton ball slightly in the mix and dab it slowly and carefully onto your Mehendi. Remember you do not have to rub it, just dab it carefully.
  • Apply it all over your Mehendi. The mixture can give an itchy and sticky effect on your hands, and be patient because it will be worth the result.

Ensure that you are not overdoing this because lemon is acidic and can even make Mehendi discolored instead of making it darker if used in large quantities. This method will surely increase your Mehendi tone and will make it darker.

3. Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is very famous for its medicinal properties. But, here, it is also known for its ability to enhance the wedding Mehendi. You can apply mustard oil or any other pickle oil directly onto your hands after removing your henna. The logic behind this is that, as we all know, mustard is quite hot, so it will increase the hands’ temperature when applied. This sudden increase in the temperature of hands will result in the darkening of Mehendi.

4. Vicks

Vicks can also be used to make your Mehendi color dark. You can simply use it after your Mehendi gets dried.

  • Wait for the Mehendi to get dry correctly.
  • Scrape the Mehendi from your hands by them against each other, and then take a little bit of Vicks in your hands.
  • Massage your hands with Vicks effectively, rub them across for better results.

Vicks is often recommended by stylists also because of their ability to stimulate color development. It is one of the easiest methods to enhance your wedding Mehendi. You can also apply Vaseline if Vicks isn’t available at the particular moment.

5. Chuna

Chuna is basically lime powder. It is often recommended to use lime powder or chuna to enhance your wedding Mehendi color. Use it after your wedding Mehendi gets completely dried. Sprinkle chuna powder over your mehendi, and do not wash your hands immediately. Give it time to show its effect, and then after a few hours, you can scrape off the Mehendi and chuna by rubbing your hands against each other.

6. Coffee or Tea mix

This method has to be applied before applying Mehendi. Take coffee in small quantities, and soak it in water. Add that water to the henna paste, and then apply this mehndi mixture over your hands. For best results, use brown and black hues of coffee or tea. They will give a deep shade to the color of your Mehendi.

7. Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil works the same as mustard oil. It readily improves your Mehendi color. If you have eucalyptus oil available, then take a few drops of it on your palm. Use this after washing your hands before applying Mehendi. Rub both the hands against each other so that the oil shows perfect results. After completely absorbing the oil in your palms, you can use the henna paste to your hands.

8. No Waxing or Shaving

Do not wax or shave after applying Mehendi as it could destroy the top layer of the Mehendi, which will result in dull color. This is why it is recommended that all the beauty treatments like waxing and shaving should be done before applying henna as the hair could be the obstruction between the Mehendi color’s effectiveness. So, it is better to keep these things in the top priorities in the to-do checklist.

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Some Do’s to Enhance Your Wedding Mehendi

Here some of the methods which can enhance your wedding Mehendi. Now let us look at some of the do’s which you should apply before or after applying Mehendi.

  • Do wash your hands before applying Mehendi. This will remove the excess dirt and grease, which can hinder the color of Mehendi. Wash your hands rigorously with any hand wash or soap and dry them using a hand towel. You also have to make sure that you are not using any moisturizer or cream after washing hands because this can create a layer on hands that will not allow Mehendi to absorb completely. This will result in a feeble color of your wedding Mehendi.
  • Do take a bath before applying Mehendi. This is because you will avoid water as much as possible after applying Mehendi. So, it is recommended to take a bath just before applying Mehendi.
  • Do let Mehendi on for as long as you can. Well, it might be uncomfortable if you’re both the hands are caged with henna but still struggle as long as you can. This will give your Mehendi a darker tone and will enhance its effectiveness. Never ever remove your Mehendi in an hour or so; at least let it dry overnight and then remove it for best results. On average, keep your henna for almost six to seven hours continuously for best results. This will enhance your wedding Mehendi.
  • Do not wash your hands to remove mehendi. Yes, it is generally not recommended to remove henna with the help of water. You can scrape it off by rubbing both your hands against each other. But the touch of water can reduce the tone of henna because it will not allow it to penetrate inside the palm. You can sleep with Mehendi on and then scrape it off after 12 hours. So, avoid washing your hands after applying henna as much as you can.
  • Do wear comfortable and loose clothing when applying Mehendi. This is because it is a time-consuming process, and tight fitted clothes or heavy clothes like Lenghas or Suits can make you uncomfortable. Wearing loose outfits will make you comfortable.
  • Do not blow-dry your mehendi. Keeping your palms in front of the fan is also not recommended. This can damage the pattern of your Mehendi and can also create a mess.
  • Use the washroom before the Mehendi function because, as previously mentioned, your hands will be cages, and you won’t be able to use the restroom after applying Mehendi.
  • Apply mehndi one or two days before. Give time to henna to show its actual color. Do not haste in this process. Apply it one or two days before the wedding. This way, the best color will come out on wedding night.
  • Do keep your Mehendi away from sunlight. The sun exposure can damage the henna, which may result in a dull color of Mehendi. So, it is advisable to avoid sitting in sunlight when applying Mehendi. You can opt for a shady place if your Mehendi function is outside.
  • Do wrap your Mehendi with a film, glove, or anything which will ensure that your design is not ruined while sleeping. The warmth which is provided by wrapping up the Mehendi will give a better dark tone.

Here were some of the methods you can apply to your Mehendi function to get a dark and robust tone. Obviously, the color of your Mehendi won’t decide how much your husband loves you, and it is just a saying and nothing much. If your Mehendi doesn’t get darker, it does not imply anything. It may be because of any random reason. So, don’t worry, enjoy your wedding time and use these methods to enhance your wedding Mehendi.