5 Reasons To Take Fish Oil For Wrinkles & Fine Lines

Premature skin aging is becoming extremely common. Despite the long 12-step skin care regimen and the best products, people complain about the dreaded onslaught of fine lines and wrinkles—usually at an age when you still expect to boast that youthful, smooth skin!

The fact is that the gradual expansion of ozone damage and thus exposure to UV rays, an increase in global pollution, and a modern diet that’s abundant in processed food play a role in skin deterioration. While you can slow down the natural occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles by managing these factors, lasting skin health comes from supplementation. In the case of premature aging symptoms on the skin, nothing is quite as awesome as omega-3, encased in fish oil supplements!

How Can Fish Oil Help Minimize Fine Lines & Wrinkles?

Rich in antioxidants and comprising ‘good’ fats that have an anti-inflammatory effect on your skin cells, fish oil is a treasure from the seas!

You’ll find fish oil in its basic form, as a liquid in a bottle. You can take this by the spoonful. Another form is fish oil softgels, golden-yellow shiny capsules that contain fish oil. You’ll also find omega-3 pills with well-processed fish oil along with selective vitamins.

You stand to gain the goodness of omega-3 fatty acids from all these forms of fish oil. And it’s omega-3 that’s the superpower behind providing your skin with nutrition to keep fine lines and wrinkles minimal.
Let’s dive into how exactly fish oil supplements can help control signs of aging on the skin. Studies new and old prove that fish oil helps to:

Suppress UV Exposure Inflammatory Reaction

Inflammation is your body’s natural response to external injury and harmful internal agents. And while it proves useful in some cases, such as wound healing, it’s deteriorative in others—such as damaging cells and vital organs. As a result of exposure to UV rays, the inflammation-causing free radicals go into overdrive, damaging your skin cells and promoting quicker signs of aging.

Lucky for you, you have the goodness of omega-3 to fall back on. While omega-3 is NOT a substitute for sunscreen—which you should apply every day—it does help with inflammation. Omega-3 regulates the free radicals, preventing them from causing excess damage, and keeping your skin healthy.

Prevent Effects Of Stress On Skin Cells
Stress is an unavoidable part of life; 2 in every 5 adults suffer from stress worldwide. And this figure is right on the edge of increasing, as mental health issues are gradually increasing. Here’s the thing: stress does not only affect your emotions and decision-making capabilities, it also affects you physically. One of the side effects of constant stress is skin problems—particularly premature aging.

Apart from seeking therapy, you need to make changes in your diet to counter the effects of stress. Fish oil, a superb source of omega-3, can be helpful in nourishing the skin. But that’s not all—as studies show the omega-3 actually helps with anxiety and depression.

Essentially, omega-3 fatty acid DHA makes up the grey matter in your brain—the very part responsible for processing emotions and enabling learning and decision-making. Therefore, you stand to gain much more than nourished skin with top-notch fish oil supplements in your daily diet. You can experience relief from stress!

Improve Hydration & Moisturizes The Skin
The most amazing benefit of fish oil for the skin with respect to aging is hydration. Dry and flaky skin leads to the appearance of wrinkles. Naturally, as your skin stretches due to a lack of optimal hydration, it becomes more susceptible to fine lines.
You can count on moisturizing lotions and eye creams to manage dryness—but remember, you are what you eat! A diet rich in omega-3 poly-unsaturated fats (or the ‘good’ fats) such as those in fish oil, is exactly what you need to get that fresh and supple skin. Best of all, omega-3 is what you need to bid those wrinkles adieu!

Reduce Irritation, Itching And Breakouts
From sun damage to the effects of chronic skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis, there are multiple reasons your skin can become irritable and face acne. While not directly a cause of fine lines, breakouts and itching do trigger habits such as skin picking, scratching, and the need to try different products which have their specific side effects. All these lead to a faster approach of fine lines—which is why it is necessary you add fish oil to your diet.
By reducing oxidative stress and inflammation, omega 3 can help minimize breakouts. And by improving sebum production and hydrating the skin, omega-3 also aids with redness and itching.

Promote Skin Healing Following Injuries
While omega-3 lowers inflammation where it causes skin cell damage, it surprisingly promotes inflammation in the cases of cuts and abrasions on the skin to heal faster. By doing so, it prevents the possible occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles where your skin tears and stretches.

Therefore, you can rely on omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil not just to speed up the skin healing rate—but also to reduce scarring and hyperpigmentation—two factors that make your skin look more aged. Best of all, for wounds, you can use fish oil both topically and ingest it—doubling the advantageous effects!

Conclusion: Using Fish Oil For Youthful Skin
Consuming fish oil supplements is a surefire way to improve skin quality. Relying on supplements is ideal, as you can get a more concentrated dose of EPA and DHA fatty acids that contain those superb anti-aging effects. Moreover, you can dab a little fish oil on affected areas when you have some lying around.

That said, don’t ignore the importance of a healthy diet and regular exercise. Also, use your sunscreen diligently and add other skin-benefitting vitamin supplements to your routine along with fish oil. With an overall healthy lifestyle and the additional yet impressive support of fish oil—ideally, 1000mg of EPA and DHA combined each day—you’re well on your way to seeing the troublesome fine lines and wrinkles blur out in no time!