Exploring 5 Necessary Facts Before Settling in Canada

Exploring 5 Necessary Facts Before Settling in Canada

CANADA is a North American country. It geographically covers an area of 9.98 million km2 from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific and not verse into the Arctic Ocean. The region of Canada consists of 3 territories and 10 provinces. This extent makes Canada the second-largest country in the world. Canada is considered the richest country in the world.

Few interesting facts about Canada

  • It serves as a home to 226 sons of Norway lodges.
  • Canada pulses 20% of the world’s freshwater.
  • Canada and Norway share a long-standing partnership.
  • Canada attracts immigrants with start-up visas.
  • Dual national languages.

The attraction cities of the country: Alberta, Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Prince Edward Island, and a few others. The climate there is cold. Not being enthusiastic about Canada is tough. The beautiful landscape and noble people from the characteristics of the place. A bowl of maple syrup in breakfast, skiing to get to work, and being generous to everyone on the way is the culture. But before moving to settle in the country one must be aware of five essential points about the place.

Canadian English special in kind. The nationals of Canada have their lingo that can confuse any unaware foreigner. The touch of ‘eh’ to their style at the end of almost every sentence or word makes the style of talking differently.

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5 important things to consider before moving to Canada

  1. Urban life in Canada:

The cities in Canada are well known across the globe for classics. The urban life of Canada is everyone’s keen desire. The capital of Canada is Ottawa and not Toronto (normally thought of). The cities of Canada look so beautiful that may steal the hearts of people. The 5 important factors of life i.e., education, environment, infrastructure, stability, and health care are well taken care of in the country. Visiting Canada and looking at the urban life of the cities feels as if these are begging to be explored.

  1. Multicultural approach:

Approximately 20 to 25% of the Canadian population is immigrants. The land is a land of mixed culture. Without the element of racism, this becomes the best opted new house for immigrants. Canada looks big and beautiful like a rainbow of mixed nationalities. The immigrants and the beauty of the place attract people all across the world.

  1. Health care options:

In Canada, the state is responsible for paying funds related to people’s basic health insurance which is then given delivered by the private sector. The government considers the seriousness of the health of people in this country. Thus, the health of the people taken care of by the government. They might believe in investing in human resources so that the nation can progress.

  1. Education is the Priority:

Teaching and education of the kids are never missed around in the country. In Canada education ranks the topmost need of a kid and it’s taken seriously. The schools are thought of as cool. Education is considered important as it is the prior factor that builds up human development at the mental and skilled level. For any nation to progress education is the foremost need and this is well taken care of in Canada.

  1. Employment opportunities in Canada:

The attractive employment offers in numerous fields are provided by the nation. Thus, this has been a feature for many immigrants to get attracted to work in Canada. The assurance of handsome salaries there and quality of life form a characteristic attraction in favor of settling there. The original inhabitants of the country are efficient and dedicated. They are in love with what they do. Canada is always an appreciator of educated and skilled people and provides good employment options to get skilled workers for the country. Canada’s technology sector has various opportunities. The video game industry has shown a boom and pretty higher income is expected to be earned from the industry.

Eligibility & Documents Necessary for Immigration

Legal documents like a valid passport, good health, and no criminal or immigration-related issues are considered necessary while applying for the visa. Also, one must convince the immigration officer about your reason to immigrate to Canada is valid. You should have a strong financial background and better finance in hand to survive the waiting period in Canada. The country has an expensive way of living. The additional documents to be accompanied by a visa depend on the reason for immigration or visit to the place.

On a temporary visa, one can only stay for 6 months. A temporary visa includes the last date or date on which year is supposed to leave the country.

However, other than the above-mentioned point’s one should always carry important documents like the bachelor’s degree, employment records, marriage certificate, kids birth certificate, prescriptions, appointment letters, resumes or job offer letters, etc. while moving to Canada.