Top Reasons To Consider Boarding School For Your Child

Top Reasons To Consider Boarding School For Your Child

There are various modes and formats of schooling available throughout the various parts of the globe, among which lies the oldest and tested schooling mode, the concept of boarding school or say residential school.

Although it’s very common and natural that any parent will desire to keep their child in front of their eyes, to live and study at home during their school years. But in certain cases, it gets hectic for the parents to do so. For instance, if the parents happen to work or live in remote areas away from good centers of learning then they can surely opt for the boarding school.

It’s one of the oldest and proven methods of schooling which provides a conducive environment for learning. To not only grow in academics but in sports and other skills as well thus help them prepare to face an ever-changing and changing world. There are many reasons to let your child study in a residential school since a boarding or residential school contributes differently to the upbringing of a child than a regular day school.

Exposure to multi-learning

A child studying in a residential school is not limited to just academic learning. Since they remain in the school campus longer than that of a day school, they get more time to pursue many academic and non-academic skills.

Ranging from lesions on a new language like French or Spanish to mastering a new musical instrument, excursion and educational tour, adventure camps, theatre, club activities, etc. your ward may choose to partake in varied activities and skill lessons. Though learning in boarding school seems to be confined to the four walls of the school campus. You can easily perceive that the learning in a residential school is not confined to the textbook or the four walls of the classroom it is way beyond it.

Your child will learn to be responsible for themselves Previously the students of boarding schools were made to do their personal chores on their own, but in the current scenario, they are provided with many facilities including many personal care services like laundry and cleaning.

Though, it’s not easy or comfortable like staying at home where parents take care of everything. In the residential school, they still need to be self-responsible and manage their own belongings. It’s a small factor that may easily get neglected at home but not there.

The small act of self-responsibility under supervised living promotes a sense of responsibility among the students making them self responsible person in the latter stage of life.

A safe and disciplined lifestyle

A child being brought up in homes are more prone to procrastination, whereas, a child at boarding school is aligned to a routine life right from the initial school days. In residential schools normally a day begins with a wake-up bell, after which a student is confined to systematic routine activities. And during these varied activities, students remain under the constant supervision of wardens and teachers. The security guards always remain vigilant in and out of the campus and at the entrances, this way the movements of students are always monitored round the clock.

A place to learn and imbibe social skills

Since the students from different cities, different upbringing and backgrounds flocks together and reside together in the boarding school. They learn to be a part of a bigger community as they learn to interact and share with their friends, seniors, and teachers. In the initial stages, a student at boarding school gets homesick but as the session progresses they get absorbed in the learning and other vibrant extra-curricular activities.

A boarding school always focuses on deep moral values and life skills to let them become a part of an accomplished society.

Teachers as the acting parents

At boarding schools, the teachers or other staff can’t substitute the parents but always play the role of acting parents. They can be considered as the guardians of these students. While most of the staff work in shifts round the clock, most teachers live in the teacher’s quarter located within the campus itself thus remain available to look after the students. They interact with them and hence if a child faces any problem then it easily gets noticed, even in the case where a student doesn’t open up on their own.

Specialized sport training

Along with recreational and indoor games, boarding schools also houses sports grounds and courts to pursue games on a professional level. Wherein, a student can get training for games like volleyball, basketball, badminton, squash, swimming, cricket, football, lawn tennis, adventure games, etc. under the supervision of qualified and experienced trainers and enhance their sporting stamina.

By choosing a boarding school for your child, you can make them part of a warm and caring community involved in moment-to-moment learning from life. Where the learning is not just limited to just bookish learning, where the learning comprises of everything whether it’s co-curricular whether it’s sports or social skills.