Here’s how a fun office helps in developing a better workplace

Here’s how a fun office helps in developing a better workplace

Employees who are engaged in fun activities at work are creative and more productive. Don’t take our word for granted. Studies conducted by BrightHR and the University of Warwick have found that there has been a 12% spike in productivity among employees who took part in fun activities at work. Investing time in making the workplace engaging and fun can make the office a more enjoyable place to work in. Apart from providing benefits for employees, it also adds brand value to an organization and provides a company culture. But fun at work doesn’t just mean having activities at work, it’s about how you can make your office a fun and happy place of work. Here are some ways fun, adds to better productivity in an office.

Sport Activities for Collaboration

The most effortless way to increase productivity at work is to develop an encouraging way to improve collaboration among employees. Quite a number of people talk, sit at meetings, and collaborate with their colleagues, several times a day. And when this is happening, colleagues turn friends and communicate more effectively when it comes to working.

A good way to encourage this is by indulging in a team game. Be it a game of shuttle badminton or volleyball, a sports activity can be conducted on the company property or park nearby. An Indian MNC conducts special tournaments yearly. By conducting a sports game, your employees will learn a thing or two about the dynamics of a team.

Office in the Outdoors

How do you like the idea of leaning on a tree, in a lush green environment while working on your tasks? If this excites, you then it will excite the employees as well. Ask your employees to work anywhere within the office property, and see a spike in their productivity. But if you can’t do this, simply bring the outdoors to them. An architecture firm in Spain includes a piece of nature in their office spaces where employees can relax with nature around them.

Fun results in creativity

The key to motivation is having an opportunity to explore a task in an enjoyable way, in a relaxed mood and atmosphere. This will not only help improve problem-solving abilities but also stimulate the imagination. Creative environments have a good vibe and a cool setting that easily stands apart from the rest. You can see an enthusiastic workforce, chirpy colleagues, and energy where the conversation is happening.

A Danish toy company has included a playroom where sales executives, marketing executives, and engineers, can spend their workings hours in. This idea of a playroom, need not be restricted to toy companies alone. Today, companies can dedicate a playroom where employees can relax, find space, innovate, and create.

A fun atmosphere means better branding

When you are running a business, it’s true that the focus should be on work. However, it is also important to note that employees should have fun while working. This is a substantial factor to increase brand identity for the company. For instance, a tech giant’s official social media account takes to the microblogging platform to share positive work experiences told by employees. As a business owner, you will help engage potential employees or clients to trust your brand. It will also allow them to see your human, fun side. Post pictures from events of celebrations, and fun things your employees do at work!

A fun workplace leads to better productivity

A recent study by economists revealed that there is a spike in employee productivity when they are in a happier environment. By working in the workspace which generates a happy vibe, employees feel relaxed talking to colleagues, taking part in games which results in better productivity. If your team is having fun while working, they will get a lot more done. Get for example the workspace of a popular animation film studio, where certain sections of the office incorporate a theme that is based on a film. It also has lounge lighting and cozy interiors which creates a great vibe in the office. Having fun at an office space in Hyderabad isn’t just restricted to playing board games. It’s about how a workspace is feeling motivated, refreshed and you are willing to take on daily tasks. Remember, all work and no play would not lead to amazing results. Adopting the two in moderation is the right approach.