Are you engaged! Here is what to do next?

Are you engaged! Here is what to do next?

And YES, she said yes to the marriage proposal!! After sharing the news with your friends and on social media, what is the next thing to do!!

After getting engaged there are a lot of priorities for you to look after, here’s what you need to do first. The very first is an obvious celebration, just take a moment with your new fiance and head to your favorite bar or restaurant. You have to priorities your wedding tasks and will be busy booking a Rochester wedding videographer. So, savor this time before you let everyone else in on the exciting news.

Throw a party: After spending time together, don’t just jump into wedding planning, it’s a great idea to throw a surprise engagement party, as it is the best to announce your news to friends and family altogether and enjoy the celebration.

Insure Your Ring: Also, just make sure to plan for your diamond ring coverage, it is best if in case your ring or the stones ever need to be repaired or replace or if the ring is lost, stolen, or damaged. Somebody is there to help you with your precious engagement ring.

Set a Budget: Before making any wedding decisions and finalizing your wedding date, the best is to budget all the things like estimating out what you have to spend and whether your families will participate. Make sure you and your fiance agreed with your preferences before talking to your parents about the budget and specific details. While setting the burger makes sure you set some budget aside for Rochester wedding videographer, to make sure you have the best memories of your wedding.

Draft the Guest List: Once all the budget is set, then next is to figure out who will be your guest and whom you are going to invite to your wedding. It helps to decide and manage caterers and party locations.

Think About the Big Picture: Just visualize what type of wedding you both want, there may be some dream ideas of yours that can reflect your current style. Even if you are set on a formal event in a ballroom, you can even look for other possibilities, such as a beach ceremony, a Friday evening, destination wedding, which may change your mind.

Pick Your Venue: The key is to look far and wide and see different options. So, Just look many and decide the best wedding venue

Discuss a Date: Once you share the news with your friends and family, you can expect the question like when you’re getting married. If you planned everything, you can tell them the date otherwise let your friends know wedding planning has started. And look for the best time when you both have time to spend with each other after the wedding. Locations, Rochester wedding videographers and photographers, caterers, and other professionals must be booked early because near to wedding you don’t get the time to choose the best.

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