Netflix shows and movies to watch that will make you cry

Netflix shows and movies to watch that will make you cry

You can only cry in the mood sometimes, but you can’t get emotions. This is where Netflix is the best tearjerker. Sometimes, an issue develops if you want to weep, but you can’t seem to get there. It is not just frustrating to make a stupid purgatory state: you want to free yourself, but your eyes are on the fritz.

Shifting T.V. shows and sad Netflix love flicks can help. The top tear drivers on Netflix can unlock even the most bulletproof tear ducts thanks to their emotionally draining complots and weeping heroes.


Top 10 Netflix Shows and movies to watch that will make you cry:

  1. Irreplaceable you: (2018)

IMDB: 6.4 Rating

This one’s going to get you, of course. Just read the IMDB slogan: “A pair who know each other after eight will be together until death separates them [sic].” Abbie and Sam have been closest friends from infancy and marry when Abbie is abruptly diagnosed with fatal cancer. Of course, before she travels, her next step is to look for the next love for Sam. As you know, you know, you know. You might have a problem if this film does not make you cry (and somehow chuckle).

  1. 13 reasons why:

IMDB: 7.6 Rating

First-ever Netflix show that gives a strict warning about its content and has the potential to make your eye full of tears. 13 reasons why is the show about teenage life and what difficulties they face in school and college Time. The girl named Hannah killed herself and made the 13 tapes for why she killed herself and posted the copy of that tapes to individuals responsible for making her suicide.

  1. Schitt Creek: (2015-2020)

IMDB: 8.5 Rating

When you’re late to the enchantment of Schitt’s Creek, you might question why a half-hour sitcom in a dreary hotel would cry about a wealthy family forced to stay with the normals. Come and chat with me after seeing this fractured family come together and fix what has broken between them.

If this moment of sheer delight and empathy doesn’t do so, turn back into one of the most profound and most gratifying love tales on T.V. following the flirty connection between David (Dan Levy) and Patrick (Noah Reid). You will weep more than you would have expected – but the nicest kind of tears.

  1. Grey’s Anatomy: (2005-present)

IMDB: 7.5 Rating

The signature sexy Shonda Rhimes shows—which really doesn’t mean medicine, let’s see it—plays like the soapiest of soap operas (and this’s only the drama before the camera). The doctors are hot, the turns are loathsome, and every time the tears are working.

You could definitely fill an ocean if you collected distracted fans’ tears after each surprise death or grief statement. “Select me. Choose me. Please choose me. Love me.” Love me.” Only think of that one; I’m tearing up. Oh, and if you hadn’t cried when McDreamy (spoiler) died, are you a human being?

  1. Miss Americana: (2020)

IMDB: 7.4 Rating

Frankly, when it comes to this documentary, your feelings about Taylor Swift, whether you are a super-fan or find her really disgusting. In Miss Americana, Swift’s susceptible categories of body image problems, impostor syndrome, and her time-weakening longing to be loved are not to say. You’re probably surprised by the number of times you tear up and whisper “even.” Brace for a few difficult moments, as when Swift describes her trial and struggles with compulsive eating. But you’re lucky if you hope for Joe Alwyn or a supposed ring for a ring.

  1. Cheer: (2020)

IMDB: 8.1 Rating

Relief, tears, joy, and catharsis still are tears, all right? You can take the national trophy with you to the leader/queen Monica without shedding a few drops of the salty substance; we dare to see all six episodes of the Navarro chieftains fighting trauma, injury, and tension.

Cheer will bring you on a trip of apparently unbelievable difficulty and unflagging camaraderie with the same director of Last Chance U that will make you question why cheerleader wasn’t an Olympic sport years ago. In addition, you will get a completely new vocabulary to help you overcome any problem. THERE SHALL IS TREEN!

  1. American Crime: (2015-2017)

IMDB: 7.8 Rating

One of the best and saddest shows on T.V. in ABC’s anthology series. The second season is extremely unpleasant to see and focuses on a high school basketball star accused of sexual assault. The merciless, unrelenting examination of man’s conduct gains tearjerker status in American Crime.

You rarely have to venture beyond your own backyard to deal with a tragedy. Is it any wonder the famous Academy winner Regina King stars in this magnificent series? In all three seasons, she will break your heart and give you more.

  1. Marriage Story: (2019)

IMDB: 7.9 Rating

Are the residues of a marriage between two persons, who used to be in love, sadder than watching? In Marriage Story, Nicole and Charlie find it difficult to remember what brought them together first as they fight for custody about where their son should be bred, in L.A., where Nicole reinvents her career in acting, or in NYC, where Charlie runs an enterprise in theatre.

Simply say, there is one reason why the movie was there, and both of them went to the major Oscars that year. Oh, and although this viral meme may suggest, you will be wrecked by a huge battle scenario.

  1. About Time: (2013)

IMDB: 7.8 Rating

From love creators, About Time is actually following Tim, a 21-year-old Brit who knows he can travel Time and change his future (in his own timeline). His powers enable (and hinder) Mary (Rachel McAdams) to find love for his life and spend a little more time with those who care. What can stand on its own as a wonderful love tale to make you want to get bangs and move to London also succeeds in getting inside Tim’s connections with his family, such that your heart squeezes till you ball off your eyes. (Special bonus: Margot Robbie’s baby features about Time prior to making it big.)

  1. Moonlight: (2016)

IMDB: 7.4 Rating

You may recall the Moonlight of Barry Jenkins because of the Oscar mishap which had won La La Land for the moment, but if you have not sat down to view the exciting upcoming drama, you must. We dare not be moved forever as you see the main character in three important life stages: childhood, young adulthood. It is struggling with emotional and physical abuse, its sexuality, and its entire identity. It is quite strong, and the film deserves all its critical applause.