Top 5 Content Ideas For Fashion Retail Store Digital Signage

Top 5 Content Ideas For Fashion Retail Store Digital Signage

Shopping is a crucial part of everyone’s lifestyle. Not a single day goes by when malls are not crowded by shoppers, hopping from one shop to another, looking for something to buy.

Still, retail brands struggle to meet their target sales and don’t receive the kind of footfall a commerce brand needs to increase conversions.

If you own a retail store and are struggling with something similar, this blog has the perfect solution for you.

Digital Signage is the perfect eye-catching & attention-grabbing tool that your potential audience cannot ignore.

But the question is, how can you utilize digital signage to influence your target consumers into buying your products. Keep reading, and find out digital signage content ideas for fashion retail stores.

5 Content Ideas For Fashion Retail Store Digital Signage:

1. Flash Sale Banners & Brochures

Traditionally, brands would flash sale banners and brochures on posters created on paper. That would create a lot of paper waste and require man labor to place the brochures and banners at different places each time you introduce a new sale.

With Digital Signages, you don’t have to bother about any of that. Strategically place digital signages, indoor and outdoor, at places where maximum people can see. Each time you have a sale, create digital banners and brochures and flash them on digital signage.

You just have to upload it on one device, and it’ll automatically get updated on every digital signage you have connected. It saves your time & money. Above all, digital signage is eye-catching and ten times more impactful than paper-based brochures.


2. Live Hashtag Campaign

Digital signage can be a perfect tool to make your social presence meet your physical presence. Create a hashtag campaign on social media and encourage your customers to participate.

Use a social media aggregator to collect all the content and display it using a social media wall. The social media wall is live and updated in real-time. When your store visitors come across them, they get to know about your social media presence.

Not just that, they will also get encouraged to participate. All this will improve your social media presence, increase your social media followers and create some loyal customers for your brand.

3. Influencer Content

Almost 90% of social media users follow influencers, and most of them have admitted that their buying decisions are mostly impacted by the ad promotions done by these content creators.

Leverage that into your retail store by displaying influencer content on digital signage. When your store visitors come across it and recognize the influencers, they associate and buy your products.

Keep in mind to choose influencers who have an audience similar to your target audience to make your influencer marketing more impactful and result-driven.

4. User-Generated Content

We all are aware of the benefits user-generated content can bring. It helps you build brand trust, facilitate customer loyalty, improve social media presence, and above all, boost sales. With so many benefits, we could not help but mention it here.

Use the eye-catching digital signage to show off how much your customers love you to your retail-store visitors in the form of a social media wall. Your visitors will get to know about your social media presence and trust you while making buying decisions.

Not just that, when your customers will see how important their views are to them, they will also get encouraged to post for you, contributing to your social media presence.

5. Brand’s Promotional Campaign Videos

As important as it is to make your retail store visitors aware of your social media presence, it is also necessary to educate them about your brand story and purpose. What better way to do it than creating an ad film or promotional campaign.

You can choose a recognizable celebrity or influencer to play the lead in your campaign and focus on how beautifully you can record it.

Display the ad film on the digital signage inside your retail store to engage the visitors and outside the stores to influence the passersby to visit your store. Digital signage is perfect with Digital-Out-of-Home advertising, and your visually appealing promotional campaign video can be the right fit for it.


We have finally come to the end of the blog, where you came across several content ideas for your digital signage.

Remember, you can invest in as many products and tools, but unless you know how to strategically use them, they are as good as following no marketing techniques at all.

So! Invest in a good digital signage tool and incorporate these ideas to receive the perfect ROI.