LG announces V60 ThinQ – A classy blue, 5G smartphone

LG announces V60 ThinQ – A classy blue, 5G smartphone

It’s been quite a long time waiting for this flagship V series by LG. It seems like LG is not completely out of the game. The company just announced its 5G Android-based smartphone, the LG V60 ThinQ. According to LG, the V60 ThinQ is going to see the light of the day in the coming weeks.

If you are wondering what would be under the hood of V60 ThinQ, wait no more. Here are a few first impressions.

Battery life: Well played, LG

The greatest thing expected of V60 ThinQ is battery life. Why? Because it can literally stay awake for more than a day. Under the hood, the LG V60 ThinQ presents a 5,000mAh battery and alongside a 1080p, 60Hz display, the outcomes are similarly as extraordinary as you’d anticipate. This is noteworthy! For many individuals, this will really be a two-day smartphone, and LG merits some genuine credit for this.

Dual / Flip Screen: Genuinely valuable, if somewhat stout

This time around, LG decided to play on the pitch of dual or foldable devices. LG V60 ThinQ accompanies Dual Screen and this is the best “Wow” factor if you are looking for a mobile switch option. This LG V60 adds a flip cover to the smartphone that adds up a second screen similar to the normal one.

If you plan to get it from T-Mobile without the bundle, it won’t have the dual screens.

In addition to the nifty feature, this accessory looks a bit chunky— it hinders wireless charging on certain pads, it’s thick, it can expand most applications — yet our verdict so far is this: Having a dual-screen is truly useful a ton of the time. It comes in handy while playing games, surfing, reading, as well as simultaneously managing multiple apps.

Cons: Bloatware

Okay, we’ve discussed a lot of good stuff. Let’s discuss the terrible side of LG V60 ThinQ.

LG’s software is still somewhat of a trainwreck. The design is everywhere, and there are still head-scratching notifications like one that advises you not to expel the battery. To repeat, it advises you not to remove the battery which is fixed into the phone and not removable by the user without some serious issue. Furthermore, the application drawer still continually resorts your applications. Need everything in alphabetical order? Cool, it’ll do that, until you download or evacuate anything.

That aside, the biggest issue is bloatware.

The LG V60 ThinQ AT&T model ships with 37 bloatware apps. That’s a lot of crap — and this is all only an awful look in 2020.

Our Verdict

More terrible yet, not the entirety of this is uninstallable. More than 15 of the applications pre-installed on this device must be disabled, and cannot be deleted. For reasons unknown that incorporate Games of Thrones: Conquest. There’s even an extra application that re-empowers the bloatware on the off chance that you incapacitate it!

This is simply horrendous, and it’s truly soured what has in any case been a truly incredible experience.