5 Effective Tips to Choose the Best Distance Learning Courses For JEE

5 Effective Tips to Choose the Best Distance Learning Courses For JEE

Being one of the examinations having the toughest competition and hard to solve questions, JEE, or join entrance examinations needs a thorough competition for an ample period. Whereas, there are two formats of preparation that the JEE aspirants generally deploy to crack JEE. One is the classroom program and the other is distance learning courses for JEE.

Way to Prepare for JEE

Some students join the best IIT coaching in India for classroom coaching programs for JEE and skip schooling. Since it often gets hard to balance school studies and extra-curricular together with coaching for JEE.

On the other hand, the majority of students try to tackle JEE along with the schooling and their board exams. But the textbooks require extra explanatory material and the reference books available in the market create a whole lot of confusion due to their lengthiness. Therefore they go for the DLP course (distance learning programs) for JEE.

Although, being first-timers many of them happen to buy unstructured books and notes in the name of DLPs. But a good DLP for JEE should consist of many learning tools meant to be used from the ease of your home place. So hereby we are putting forward a few effective tips to choose the best distance learning courses for JEE.

Different packages of Distance Learning Courses for JEE

Now you need to know that, as per the different needs of the aspirants, there are many different types of distance learning courses for JEE. For instance, a student who wants the proper lectures of the experienced faculty members can go for JEE Main Video Lectures and JEE Advanced Video Lectures, either together or independently. In case the students have completed the whole syllabus and want to develop an insight into the JEE question paper then they can choose JEE Advanced or JEE Main Online Test Series or both if they wish. Also from the study modules in the form of paperback books or eBooks to the live classes there can be many distance learning courses.

So if you are planning to get one of them, then there are many factors that you must look while at choosing the best distance learning courses for JEE. These are:-

Gauging the quality of study material

While selecting your Distance Learning Course, always make sure that the quality of the study material is relevant. Additionally, check if the entire syllabus of the JEE is covered in the distance learning course or not. If possible, then do enquire about the source of those study materials. Since some study materials can be just the compilation of reference books available in the marketplace. While on the other hand, there are some institutes that provide study material prepared by the subject experts who are having experience of several years. Such study packages will certainly be helpful to prepare for JEE.

Checking if the course can help you achieve your target

It’s important to first determine your target, before buying any Distance Learning Courses. Since you will find that there are various combinations of different learning resources to prepare for different goals. For example, some students just want to prepare for JEE Main to get admission in NITs or at any good CFTIs. Whereas, there are few who don’t want anything less than a seat in prestigious IITs. Also, there are students who want to attain a top all India ranks and not just mere selection in IIT.

Therefore, the distance learning course must be self-sufficient, self-explanatory, and easy to understand to help you achieve your target.

The medium of the distance learning course

The medium of the distance learning course should be strictly the same as that of your previous studies. The medium in which you have done your schooling will help you understand the concepts properly. Though there is a fact, that once you get selected in IIT or NIT you will have to study in English medium. But when you are in your preparatory phase, you should only focus on learning the concept matter to help you crack JEE. In order to learn the language, you will be wasting the time of your important phase. Moreover, once you get selected in the JEE, you will get enough time in college to learn the English language.

Thus it’s highly advisable to go for the medium of instruction which is best known to you.

At last, you can conclude that there are two prime factors that make a student choose distance learning courses for JEE. Firstly it’s flexibility over the conventional classroom programs and its comparatively low price. Thus you should think a little to help you choose the best distance learning course for JEE to help you increase your chances of selection in JEE.