OnePlus 7 Phone: Specs, Features & Review

OnePlus 7 Phone: Specs, Features & Review

With the most advanced screen ever, the OnePlus 7 phone offers an experience that remains unrivaled in smoothness and clarity. OnePlus 7 is one of the most talked-about flagship phones in 2019.

It is an ultra-premium phone following the One Plus 6T. As the OnePlus strategy promises ‘Never Settle,’ it has indeed delivered a masterpiece of its kind.

The design of the OnePlus 7 phone is both refreshing and sturdy. The curved edge-to-edge design ensures you remain glued to the immersive experience that the phone offers.

The optical sensor, along with the additional lens, makes unlocking your phone quicker and safer than ever while the premium design of the phone feels smooth as well as comfortable for use.

The dual speakers of the phone are powered by Dolby Atmos, which offers an immersive sound. It also has a noise cancellation feature for better audibility.

The premium resolution sweeps you away with the ultimate screen in its time. The features 516 PPI, and the 19:5:9 aspect ratio is all bundled up in this undeniable package. The Optic AMOLED display of this OnePlus 7 phone promises a smoother and snappier feel of the screen with every tap and click.

Built using 7 nm technology, the OnePlus 7 phone has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 platform with a Qualcomm AI engine that raises the power bar effortlessly like no other. Further, the 6/8GB LPDDR4X RAM of the phone is built in a manner that boosts the applications running in the phone’s background.

It means that the start-up time is shortened by the boost in the RAM, giving a shorter and quicker response time.

The feature that stands out in this phone is the dual camera to capture things on the go smoothly. For all mobile photographers, this 48-megapixel ultra-shot dual camera is one of the best to be owned. The large aperture and optical image stabilization feature of this OnePlus 7 phone delivers crisp, detailed photos with steady shots.

The phone uses new software algorithms to bring out the minute details of low-light photos while optimizing the brightness for a crystal-clear quality of the pictures.

The OnePlus 7 phone further comes with features like portrait and nightscape 2.0 modes that capture every scene with stunning clarity and detail. Also, the selfies on this phone are refined for a beautifully detailed life-like picture.

The operating system determines the way you interact with your phone. It uses an OxygenOS based on Android 9, which makes it almost effortless to use the device. It is intuitive and smooth with its updated gestures, which ensure a seamless user experience.

Though not the best part, definitely one to be mentioned is the power readiness of the OnePlus 7 phone.

It comes with a 3700mAH battery along with a fast-charging feature. The fast charge lets you play or watch videos even when the phone is charging at full speed.

Conclusively, the new One Plus is an excellent choice for an android smartphone!