10 Best High-schools in California

10 Best High-schools in California

Good high-schools mark as a life-changing experience for students. Regardless of their primary school experience, with the first day of high school, a student enters the world of adulthood and gets to choose the career that decides their future. Schools shape the future of a child, so you must select the best school for your child’s learning and education. We are providing you with some of the best High- schools in California. The primary purpose of this ranking is to exhibit how good US education at a high-school level can be.

1. Lowell High School

It is a co-ed public high school with a strength of around 2600 students approx. It is one of the oldest schools in San Francisco, California. Admission to Lowell High School is based on previous academic records and test scores conducted at the time of entry. The school campus is spacious, having a three-storied building for educational purposes, large science laboratories, and an indoor gymnasium, eight basketball courts, ten tennis courts, and a 400m running track.

2. Western Center Academy

Western Center Academy is a grades 6-12 school located in Hemet, California. There are many different sports and activity clubs in the school in which your child can become a member. It has a 60day open admission period between the month of March and April.

3. Pacific Collegiate Charter

Being ranked 22nd in the Top Elite public schools in the United States, this school is many parents preferred choice for their child’s education. It is a grades 7-12 school which is located in Santa Cruz, California, with a strength of 514 approx. According to a report published in U.S news and report in 2009, Pacific Collegiate Charter School ranked the three best high schools in the USA.

4. Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy

Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy grades 9-12 classes and located in Log Angeles, California. Compromising of around 418 students in the school, it is best for your child seeking special attention from teachers. The colossal school campus includes baseball, basketball, and tennis courts.

5. Whitney High School

It is a public high school with grades 9-12, which is located in Rocklin, California. This school accommodates around 175 members of faculty and 1800 students, and the campus is built on a massive land of about 200000 square feet. The students are taught the standard-based curriculum that is sufficient for them to pass the class.

6. Corcoran High School

It is a public high school having many branches all around the USA. With approximately 100 students in each, it is considered one of the top schools providing secondary education. The Corcoran High School campus consists of two gymnasiums, a pool, four laboratories, a library, and 71 classrooms. Located right in the middle of California, it boasts a reputation for high-quality education and learning programs.

7. Preuss School

Preuss School is a co-educational school which is located in San Diego, California. It grades 6-12 and uses an intensive curriculum that will help the students in preparing for their college. The auspicious campus of Preuss School includes a library, cafeteria, gymnasium generally used for assemblies, lacrosse court, and have space at the front for parking school buses.

8. University High School Charter

On University High School Charter Campus, students study different academic subjects and can take part in various extracurricular activities too. The School was founded in 1924 and was earlier known as Warner G. Harding High School, and after the death of the president, it was renamed as University High School Charter. The enrollment starts around March and up until late April.

9. Servite High School

It is an all-male catholic High school having a vast campus of around 15-acre in Anaheim, California. This school is run privately by Servite order, and its campus includes a gym, theater, approximately 80 classrooms, laboratories, and a library. Admission criteria in Servite High School are based on transcripts, academic history, score in the entrance examination, and athletics record.

10. The Nueva School

The Nueva School has two campuses one for elementary and primary school and another for High School. It is a private school located in San Mateo, California. This school is well known for student-centered product-based studies. Apart from studies, there are bountiful of extracurricular activities on the campus in which students can take part.