What Is The Difference Between Native Advertising And Content Marketing?

What Is The Difference Between Native Advertising And Content Marketing?

Content marketing plays an important role in your life if you are a digital marketer or social media manager or a seasoned marketer. On the other hand, native advertising is not necessarily known to everybody. For overcoming banner blindness, marketers can use these digital marketing firms. Banner blindness is a behavior in which the visitors ignore the ads because these are blatant and increase their frustration. Native advertising and content marketing arose from the leftovers of those old-school ads that were regular. The objective of these two forms of marketing is to drive conversions. Now let us understand the difference between native advertising and content marketing.

Native advertising

Usually, paid promotion is involved with native advertising. For driving a sale, this advertising holds a shorter-term objective. These are present in the:

  • Social platforms
  • Websites’ sidebars

In between the paragraphs, there are various posts that also contain these. Its examples are:

  • Social media having featured posts
  • Widget of content recommendation
  • Advertorial
  • Display ad

These will include the words like:

  • Presented by…
  • Featured product
  • Paid advert
  • Sponsored post

Content Marketing Content marketing

Content marketing is totally different. Its format is lengthier, it is subtler and its objective is longer-term. Its purpose is to attract the right audience, providing them the right value, informing them, and educating them so that they can return and purchase the target product that is branded. With this, the audience starts trusting the brand. Increasing conversion or sales and persuading the customers to sign-up is its end-goal.

From SEMrush, Brad Keys says that for preventing the disruption of the viewer’s experience within a website, there is a seamless placement of native ads. As an example, between two paragraphs, we can place these. There is no direct advertisement of any service here as we do in a traditional ad.

Actually, he is right. The placement of these kinds of ads needs to be effective and seamless. But currently, in 2021 these ads are annoying the readers. The reason behind this is that these are not relevant to the content. After clicking on the link, you will not find any added-value. What can be the purpose of good native advertising? The value and relevance in its design are basically the purposes behind all this. The reputation of your brand can be lowered down if the native ad is not able to fulfill the promise when someone clicks on it.

Pros and cons of native advertising


  • It is possible to produce it quickly.
  • Targeting the people is easy here.
  • On mobile, its CTR is very good.
  • It keeps away ad blockers.
  • Tracking the performance is very easy here.
  • Starting from clicking to converting the people, it has a short sales cycle.
  • Increasing brand awareness can help you a lot.


  • For the placements that are sponsored by someone, you may need to pay a huge amount of money.
  • The reading experience of the visitors can be disrupted because of this.
  • Most of the time the people think that the paid content is biased and so they ignore it.
  • People can perceive the brand as very bad.

Pros and cons of content marketing


  • If there is an in-house content creation then it is completely free.
  • Targeting the people is generally easy here.
  • It keeps away ad blockers.
  • It boosts the SEO.
  • In order to repurpose the content, it offers a large number of opportunities.
  • Tracking the performance is easy here.
  • If you want the target audience to get value and education about this then you can easily do this.
  • For the purpose of increasing the target audience’s engagement, it provides a lot of opportunities.


  • For producing content of good quality, it takes a lot of time.
  • There is a long sales cycle here.

Which is a better marketing tactic?

For digital marketing in 2021, including content marketing can be a good fit. Except for commitment and time, it does not have any other barrier.

On the other hand, you need to arrange a definite amount of money for organizing a campaign of native advertising. So, we cannot consider it feasible all the time.

If you take interest in getting the services of social media marketing then it will be good for you to contact a Digital marketing company.