How To Rank Your Website Higher On Google in 2023?

Google is used to make around 8.8 billion searches per day, and if your website ranks on the 2nd page of Google, there is a high chance that you would be able to attract 0.62% of your target audience. We hope you understand the potential Google still has and where it can take your website if you rank higher on the first page.

But the question that disturbs you is “How to rank higher on Google in 2023?”

If you are in the same situation, we are going to share a few tips to rank your website higher on Google. However, before discussing that let us have a look at some other reasons to rank higher on Google in 2023:

● More than 67% of online experiences start from Google searches. Hence, ranking higher can help you in more traffic, increase sales, and enhance brand awareness as well.

● Plenty of businesses invest in paid ads to generate traffic on their website. While with the help of better SEO rankings on Google, you can cut the additional costs of paid ads.

● Data shows that the users think the first few results of their search query are the most authentic and trustworthy websites.

● When your website is ranking higher on Google, you can take advantage of faster indexing of your content.

Ways To Rank Your Website Higher On Google in 2023

The digital marketing space has come across several new platforms and tactics to promote your business/website. But Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most appropriate and cost-effective way to rank your website.

Let us understand the ways to rank your website higher on Google in 2023:

● Win At Keyword Research:

Most of the websites are developing quality content consistently, but still, they are unable to generate organic traffic or rank on Google, because they are not doing proper keyword research.

Just think, what will your target audience search on Google to look for your website or the content you created?

The answer is “Keywords.”

And if you have not integrated the right keywords in your content, no matter how valuable your website’s content is, you would never be able to rank it for your target audience.

● Develop Quality Content:

Google always wants the search queries of its users to be fulfilled with relevant, high-quality, and valuable content. In short, the purpose of the user should be fulfilled through your content.

And if you can do so, no one can stop your website to rank higher on Google. Because quality content is one of the most important ranking factors on Search engines.

Here are a few content-quality questions that you should ask yourself whenever you are creating content for your website:

● Is your content providing original and valuable information?
● What problem of your readers are you solving with your content?
● How is your content better than your competitors?
● Is your content easy to read?

Hence, develop quality content and post 2-6 times a week to get 50% more clicks on your website. You can also learn copywriting tips to help you create high-quality content for your website.

● Work On Reducing Bounce Rate:

Generally, bounce rate is the number of visitors that leaves your website/webpage without taking a specific action. It has been noticed that if a user is bouncing from your website, there are high chance that they didn’t convert.

A study concluded that bounce rate was directly linked to higher Google rankings. This means if you can decrease the bounce rate of your website, you will start noticing higher Google rankings.

● Don’t Forget Technical SEO:

Technical SEO helps your website in crawling and indexing on Google easily. Hence, if you have been working on the SEO of your website and are still not able to gain higher rankings, then technical SEO must be the reason.

Here are a few things technical SEO will make sure of:

● Technical SEO helps in keeping your web pages secured.
● Technical SEO also helps in keeping your website mobile-friendly.
● It helps you get rid of site speed issues.
● Keep an eye on the links of your website, and assure that it works properly.

● Create Internal Links:

More than 15% of SEO experts state that Link building is the most valuable SEO tactic. The biggest benefit of internal links is that it makes it easier for Google to find and index other pages on your website.

Another advantage of adding internal links is that you can choose the most appropriate anchor text for the links and it won’t affect the flow of your content.

● Keep A Track Of Your Results:

Most website owners forget to keep track of their results. By tracking your results on a weekly or monthly basis, you can understand what type of steps you should take next.

Some key metrics to keep an eye on your Google ranking & SEO results are as follows:

● Organic Traffic

Learn about how users can visit your website and keep track of the organic traffic sources and non-organic sources as well. If you are getting most of your users through organic search, it states your SEO strategies are working better and the website must be ranking higher.

● Keywords

Check out what type of keywords are being used by your visitors to search and visit your website. Based on the keywords, you can plan your next SEO & Content strategy.

● User Behavior

Google is specifically focusing on the user experience of websites. Hence you need to keep track of user behavior, and what type of pages are being visited by your users.

Wrap Up

Google keeps on adding new things to its algorithm and if we want to rank our website higher, we should be aware of them. Make sure to integrate the tips discussed, so that you can rank your website higher and fulfill your organic traffic & conversion goals in 2023.