15 Most Alluring Anarkali Suits For Wedding – 2020

15 Most Alluring Anarkali Suits For Wedding – 2020

An attractive mixture of elegance, royalty, and versatility, Anarkali suits have been a part of every woman’s ethnic wardrobe since it came into fashion. If this wedding season you are looking for a comfortable, easy to carry outfit with beautiful shimmer, detailed charming fabric artwork, and attractive colors, Anarkali suits are what you need. This ethnic statement came in trend when a well-known actress Madhubala was first seen wearing it in a movie that was a super hit. Ever since then, with the fusion of the latest fashion updates, Anarkali suits have been a very popular outfit worn by women on different occasions and celebrations.

Shopping for outfits for a wedding is not as easy as pie because we all want to look our best and for that, our outfits should be really gorgeous and over the top. Since a wedding is an occasion of lots of dance, parties, and celebration, your outfit apart from being gorgeous and heavy, should also be comfortable.

So here we bring you some stunning Anarkali suits you can add to your cart and flaunt your beauty this wedding season.

1. Cape Anarkali Suit

This style involves a long elegant cape attached to a finely designed and embroidered Anarkali suit. These Anarkali suits come in various party wear designs be it printed or laced or embellished.

2. Jacket Anarkali Suit

A style in the trend that is definitely going to make you jaw-dropping beautiful this wedding season. This modern and ethnic fusion steals the heart with a jacket that is heavily embroidered and worn upon a pretty Anarkali. The work on the jacket is mostly golden or silver that makes it a really adorable attire to be worn at a wedding. A plain churidar can complement the intricate work on the jacket. A jacket Anarkali suit is worth giving a try as it comes as a very elegant piece for any occasion.

3. Layered Anarkali Suit

A style that gives you the real royal look. It has got bouncy detailed layers that will make you look like a queen as you walk. This style is a perfect replacement for heavy lehenga cholis. So why not get yourself one this wedding season, your highness?

4. Asymmetrical Anarkali Suit

Asymmetrical flares are a western trend that is in fashion right now. The asymmetrically designed borders on an Anarkali perfectly redefine traditional outfits with a modern touch. So grab one this wedding season and mesmerize people with the beauty you are!

5. Floor-Length Anarkali Suit

This type of Anarkali gives you the same look as a beautiful long dress does. Available in different styles that are embroidered, printed, hand-woven, or decorated on different fabrics such as silk, cotton, georgette, etc gives you a chic and elegant look at any occasion.

6. Pakistani Anarkali Suit

If you are someone who is into outfits with heavy embroidery and detailed designs this style is what you are looking for. This style is especially adored for big celebrations like weddings. Add this outfit in your cart for the next wedding you have to attend with some stone jewelry and you are good to go and walk like the world is your ramp!

7. Bollywood-Inspired Anarkali Suit

We all know that Bollywood is an industry that remains updated and runs on the latest trends and fashion. A lot of us look upon our favorite celebrities and want to carry ourselves the way they do. So with a touch of your beauty and grace why not choose the trends set by your favorite celebrity in her latest Anarkali suit?

8. Designer Anarkali Suits

Anarkali suits mark royalty and charm. Designer suits with unique work and gorgeous silhouettes in soft color give out a classy fashion statement. This is an extremely popular style for designer wedding and party outfits.

9. Contemporary Anarkali Suit

Contemporary is the way to go if you want to effortlessly rock this wedding season. Ranging from side slit, A-line cuts, cropped shoulders, abstract designs, and sleek embroidery, this style of Anarkali suits are one of the most popularly worn and experimented with as they are fit for every occasion.

10. Anarkali Gowns

When you are looking for traditional designs with a western touch, Anarkali gowns are the ones you should shop for. From cocktail parties to reception Anarkali gowns are outfits that are comfortable yet pretty to carry. Flaunt yourself like a princess in this style and attract adorable compliments!

11. Cotton Anarkali Suit

If the wedding you want to attend is happening in the summer season then you should be choosing an outfit that is light, soft-colored yet party wear. Opt for cotton Anarkali suits with some abstract fancy designs and flares and show it off with a pair of beautiful humans.

12. Silk Anarkali Suit

Silk is a fabric considered auspicious and is popularly worn and gifted in different occasions in Indian culture. Silk Anarkali suits give you a culture rich and shiny look. This is another style that gives you a royal attractive touch adding shimmer to the crown of beauty you wear.

13. Georgette Anarkali Suit

A simple combination of something that is both alluring and lightweight, georgette Anarkali suits are a stunning option. To choose one for a wedding you can go for the lightly embroidered ones, pair it with a heavy trendy necklace, and there you are, ready to make some heads turn.

14. Belt-Style Anarkali Suit

This style is very popular when it comes to having a sleek modern look while wearing a traditional outfit. You can use a Kamar bandh or a normal belt and attach it with your dupatta to your waist. Try this style out and get some amazing pictures clicked for your wedding diaries!

15. Plain Anarkali Suit

For the reception or the cocktail party of the next wedding, you are attending, you can pick a plain Anarkali suit with bold or dark color and walk in like an empress! This look can also be sparkled up with a pair of large earrings.

From different colors, fabrics, soft designs to heavy work, Anarkali suits are an ideal outfit when you are looking for something that is a mixture of ethnicity, royalty, and charm. Anarkali suits have been popular amongst women when it comes to an outfit with comfort elegance and heart-stealing designs. Whether it’s a wedding or just a simple evening party, you can choose one suitable style and look the best. So grab one that matches your style statement and rock the party, in your way!