Think with Heart or Mind in routing life – Mind Or Heart, Whom Should You Follow?

Think with Heart or Mind in routing life – Mind Or Heart, Whom Should You Follow?

Some people are saying that in routing life we want to take decisions by Heart and some people are saying by the mind. I want to share some of my experiences and I talked with some people and share their ideas in today’s article.

Suddenly, I thought I want to write on the topic but at that time I thought that what I write in this, That time I spoke some people regarding this topic. At that time they laughed at me and says always take deicide by heart because the heart is always right. I spoke with one successful businessman and he told me to take a decision by the mind because if we make a decision by heart that we didn’t get money in business. SO, with this, I get some ideas that every different field people say different.

In my experience, depending on the situation we want to make a decision. If we are taking decisions by heart but it shows that you have taken a decision wrong at that time we want to understand that if we make decisions by mind then it happens good and we feel bad. We always take a decision on pressure and it’s harmful to us and nearby us. when this type of thing happens at that time we want to seat alone and firstly stop our mind, feel relax. After that take pen & book, write your problem in that. Read it carefully and think on it by heart & Mind and write on paper. Now you want to read again and check which is helpful for you and your family or who is connected with it. This is my experiment and I get good benefits as well.

I am not saying that with this you get 100% success or benefit. But my point is no one can take a decision under pressure and happen a bad thing with him/her. I am just helping people and get success in his/her life.

If I mention anything wrong and anyone feels bad about this then I very much apologize for that. I am waiting for your comment regarding this topic.

Author Bio:- My name is Kunal Thakkar. By professional I am Sr. SEO Executive but I like research and write a blog. You can follow me on Twitter