Love Marriage Success or Failure

Love Marriage Success or Failure

Guys, I am keen to know whether love marriage is a success or failure. I address this question to guys who are young and are in relationships. It’s very difficult to answer this intriguing question, but I am more than sure that 99% of the respondents are going to say yes.

It’s because they think that parents don’t understand the emotions and feelings of those in love and that they (parents) are influenced by the age-old traditions of arranged marriages. In their opinion, love marriages don’t last. Moreover, the parents want wedlock to be in the closed family relations, within their own caste and communities.

However, strong their views on arranged marriages and conviction, the guys think only about their emotions in love and the promises they made with each other of life long relationships. They are in a dilemma whether to side with their love partners or respect the feelings of their parents and succumb to their pestering and pressures in going for an arranged marriage.

Parents too feel the pains and don’t want to displease their offspring and want their happiness since they are their most prized possession. Barring few exceptions, the parents are more open now and willing to accept the love proposals of their sons and daughters. However, it’s going to take some more time when the age-old barriers of caste, creed, and religion are broken and fortunately it’s happening at a much faster pace.

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