Apple releases COVID specific features – unlock the phone with the mask on face

Apple releases COVID specific features – unlock the phone with the mask on face

Apple has released iOS 13.5 for iPhone users and iPadOS 13.5 for iPad users today with two new highlights that are an immediate consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic: the new software updates are aided to bring changes to Face ID. Users can now simply unlock their iPhones even while wearing a mask. The obvious reason to bring about this feature is the mask-wearing thing has become a norm worldwide due to the Corona outbreak. Facilitation for the users is over the top in a stressful time.

What is new in iOS 13.3 & iPadOS 13.5

On past renditions of iOS, if you were wearing a mask and attempted to unlock your Apple device with Face ID, you’d need to hang tight for a few seconds while your iPhone endeavored to recognize your face before it would let you enter a password. Whereas in iOS 13.5, on the off chance that you swipe up once from the bottom of the screen while you’re wearing a mask, the option to enter your passcode will appear right away. So, it is high time to update your previous iOS version with the latest iOS 13.5 and backup and restore SMS.

There are also some changes related to Apple and Google’s exposure notification API. Users can now use applications created by public health organizations that send you a notification if you may have been in contact with somebody who has been diagnosed with COVID positive. But, there won’t be any changes and the system will remain inactive unless you install an app with API.

Eventually, Apple and Google will incorporate this functionality straightforwardly into the operating systems of their devices so you can be informed that you may have been exposed to COVID-19 regardless of whether you don’t have an exposure notification application installed on your phone.

The latest software update also underpins another issue. It will now let you turn off the feature in Group FaceTime calls that automatically changes the size of the member windows when individuals speak up.

How to download iOS 13.5, iPadOS 13.5

The iOS 13.5 update is available for all iPhone and iPod touch models compatible with iOS 13. Similarly, iPadOS 13.5 is compatible with the iPad devices supporting iPadOS 13.

You can check the availability of the update on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad device by going to Settings > General > Software Update. Make sure that your device has a sufficient amount of battery and is connected to a Wi-Fi network.