Here are Some Best Ideas to Pair your Kurti’s

Here are Some Best Ideas to Pair your Kurti’s

Every Indian girl is a fashion enthusiast. They would do everything to stay up to date with fashion and the latest trends. With fashion industries revolving so rapidly, trends keep changing frequently. However, there are certain basic outfits that every girl owns in her wardrobe. Wearing them the same way can make them look regular. But if you want to look unique or different amongst the crowd, you need to try out new trends.

Kurtis is one basic quintessential outfit that is part of every Indian women wardrobe. Whether you are young or middle-aged, every woman likes to wear a Kurti because they are comfortable, stylish and go on every occasion. Today you can find Kurtis in all sorts of style and fashion. There is a number of designs available in the market that you can pair with different types of bottom wear. You don’t always have to wear kurta’s with salwar. In today’s time, you can go creative and buy different types of bottom wear for women online to pair with your Kurti. Here are some suggestions mentioned below:-

  1. Palazzo – if you want to maintain the ethnic look of your Kurti and still look stylish, you can pair it with palazzo. Palazzos are pretty common bottom wear found in the market. They are loose and comfortable to wear. You can find different designs and patterns to slay them with your style. It can easily make you look stylish and ethnic at the same time.
  2. Jeggings – Mix and match have always been a part of styling. Women like to wear Kurtis regularly while going to the office or shopping or meeting friends. They are the perfect attire for everyday wear. By pairing with jeggings, you can bring a totally different chic look. Jeggings do not essentially have to be denim. They come in all sorts of styles, design and colours. They are trendy and go well with cotton Kurtis. They can easily make a style statement and can even fetch you compliments.
  3. Flared Culottes – This is another trendy style of bottom wear in fashion these days that you can pair with your Kurtis. If you like experimenting with your style, you should definitely try wearing flared culottes with your Kurtis. They will perfectly embellish your style and are extremely comfortable to carry.
  4. Long Skirts – Sounds funny! But that is true; you can actually team your Kurtis with skirts today. However, they will only look good if you style them flared skirts. You can find ample amount of designs and styles in long skirts today that will make you look bold and beautiful. Skirts and Kurtis have always been in fashion in India in many rural areas. But today, they are trendy and fashionable, perfect to wear on any occasion and personify your style statement.
  5. Dhoti Style Pants – Kurtis and dhotis have always been a part of men’s clothing. However, today even women like to wear their Kurtis with dhotis. Dhotis look smart, elegant and stylish at the same time. If you are wearing this attire, you are sure to turn some eyeballs towards you.

Other common Bottom Styles

  1. Denim – As mentioned before, Kurtis is daily wear clothing. Many college girls like to wear Kurtis with denim. Denim is one piece of clothing that every girl today have in her wardrobe. You can style different colours and styles of denim with your Kurtis and still look stylish. This creates a fusion look that is quite trendy these days.
  2. Formal Trousers – Though trousers are mostly teamed with shirts, short Kurtis till waistline can work well with formal trousers as well. Team short cotton Kurti with slim pants and coat will definitely create a chic look. Whether you are going for an interview or attending a board meeting, you can never go wrong with. Formal trousers are an important part of the wardrobe if you are an office goer. Pants add a polish edge to your look and Kurti will add style.
  3. Leggings – Leggings are a common combination with Kurtis. Regardless of your body type, leggings can enhance your style. If you are heavy, you can team up your long Kurtis with leggings so that it doesn’t enhance your curves and if you are slim, you can wear short Kurtis with fitted leggings. Leggings are mostly available in hosiery material, so they are comfortable to wear. Also, they come in all sort of designs and colours so that you can match them easily.

So, be ready to try these different looks with different types of bottom wears to make tables turn when you walk into a party. Pick out the best pair of Kurti and team it up with one of the above-mentioned bottoms wears to look drop-dead gorgeous. Don’t be too conscious in trying a different style, but obviously keeping in mind your body type and style.