Best Places to Visit in Rajasthan this summer

Best Places to Visit in Rajasthan this summer

Rajasthan, the place that is known for colors, is dynamic and beautiful throughout the entire year, the lively shades of Rajasthan and the tones of blue, pink, and yellow is the thing that makes it perhaps the most celebrated vacationer locations in India. Every one of the three seasons is going all out in Rajasthan, be it warm climate or blustery winter. Rajasthan is popular for dal- bati. Rajasthan is famous for agriculture, farming, and the tractor industry.

There are numerous spots to visit in Rajasthan in May, yet the climate may be trying to investigate and go touring because of the intense warmth. However large numbers of the spots/urban areas do have lovely climate and moderate environment conditions which allows you to appreciate the pleasant excellence of the state. Here’s giving you the top best places to visit in Rajasthan in May that will not cause you to feel the consuming warmth of this desert state.

Jaipur: The Pink City


Jaipur is the capital of India’s Rajasthan state. Jaipur is called the old city and pink city and it comes from the royal family and was established in 1972. name building tone. At the focal point of its masterful road network (remarkable in India) stands the extravagant, colonnaded City Palace complex. With nurseries, yards, and galleries, some portion of it is as yet an illustrious home. Jaipur is famous for shopping. There are many more places for shopping. The best places to visit in Jaipur mentioned below.

  1. Jantar Mantar
  2. Hawa Mahal
  3. Nahargarh Fort
  4. Birla Mandir Temple
  5. City Palace of Jaipur

Udaipur: The City Of Lakes


Udaipur is the heart of Rajasthan. Udaipur is the best place for tourism, education, wedding, pre-wedding, destination, shoot. Udaipur is also called the lake of the city because it’s all around lakes.

The city frequently alluded to similar to the ‘Venice of the East’, and ‘city of lakes’ is a wonderful grand traveler place loaded up with sanctuaries, excellent nurseries, and unblemished lakes. The white city is loaded up with a liberal and brilliant piece of history which makes it an unquestionable requirement visit during the late spring. The stunning sun can be seen considering the lakes, making it an all-around flawless setting. The well-known attractions incorporate Mount Abu, Ranakpur Jain sanctuaries, Fort Kumbhalgarh, Chittorgarh Fort, etc. Appreciate engaging manikin shows at night time and hold onto the day.


3 ) Mount Abu: The Hill Station In Rajasthan

mount abu

Situated close to Sirohi District, Mount Abu is a slope station in the desert province of Rajasthan. By lying in the Aravalli mountain range at an inexact degree of 1220 meters above ocean level, Mount Abu marks the most elevated point with Guru Shikhar. This is arranged at a stature of 1,722 meters above ocean level. As this is the lone slope station of the state, it clears a path for the most famous place of interest in Rajasthan during the mid-year. A mainstream retreat for the neighborhood inhabitants, the spot is likewise the ideal center during the end of the week. This particular mix guarantees the mix of the best kinds of the recorded state.

  1. Nakki Lake
  2. Dilwara Temples
  3. Sunset Point
  4. Guru Shikhar
  5. Mount Abu Bazaar

4) Ajmer: A Pilgrimage Spot


This is one of the most prominent pilgrimage spots in Rajasthan also we can say in the country and is also visited by a number of celebrities across the world. It is believed that anyone, irrespective of their faith and religion when offering a prayer in the Dargah can never go empty-handed. This Place is also very famous for the sacred lake of Pushkar along with a number of temples located nearby.

  1. Dargah Shariff
  2. Ana Sagar Lake
  3. Adhai-Din Ka Jhonpra
  4. Nasiyan Jain Temple
  5. Nareli Jain Temple
  6. Pushkar Lake

5 ) Ranthambore National Park

ranthambore national park

Ranthambore public park is notable as a tiger hold in Rajasthan. The public park is open from October to mid-June and is shut during storms.

The best ideal opportunity to visit is in a perfect world winter, yet tiger spotting is more regular in summer, in this way making it among the extraordinary spots to visit in Rajasthan in May. Nights are not as sweltering when contrasted with daytime, but rather the morning safari isn’t to miss during your visit to Rajasthan.

  1. Gypsy Safari
  2. Ranthambore Fort
  3. Trinetra Ganesh Temple Ranthambore