6 Splendid Resorts in Lonavala for Weekends

6 Splendid Resorts in Lonavala for Weekends

Nothing can be a better plan than having a short trip to Lonavala on weekends. A few people have the financial stability to visit fascinating destinations frequently. If budget is your concern and refreshment is your requirement, Lonavala must be your ultimate preference. Being located within a short distance from the city of dreams, Mumbai, Lonavala receives thousands of visitors every weekend. Apart from the residents of Mumbai, travelers from other states and cities also prefer Lonavala for weekend trips and hence you can find some amazing resorts here.

Your soul will get refreshed as you stare at the greenery of the valleys in Lonavala. You can enjoy spectacular visuals of the surrounding valleys from the exotic destination. Apart from that, the Karla Caves and the Bhaja Caves will add a historical flavor to your weekend trip as well.

However, booking a suitable resort in Lonavala makes your weekend grander than you expect. Let’s discover the top resorts you might love to stay in.

  • Amanzi Boutique Resort

Amanzi Boutique Resort

If you desire a luxurious weekend filled with all modern amenities, the Amanzi Boutique Resort is the best address for you. This exclusive resort allows you to have breathtaking views of the Western Ghats as well as the Pawna Lake. Luxurious lounge, attached balconies, domed ceilings make your staying experience amazing. Most rooms and suites of this resort are decorated with rustic decorations and stonework that add majestic attire to the resort’s ambiance. Therefore, this one is a definite choice for you to spend your weekend leisurely and delightfully.

  • Picaddle Resort- Hospitably Warm

Picaddle Resort

This resort is a perfect pick for guests who seek incomparable hospitality. The elegant aesthetics of the rooms of this resort are bound to impress guests at first sight. In addition to that, the featured amenities and hospitality services of this resort are overwhelming. The complimentary foot reflexology service offered by the resort is the cherry on the top of the cake. The warm approaches of the hotel staff will make you feel comfortable and satisfied. Free Wi-fi, minibars, flat-screen TVs, coffee makers are also included in the booking packages offered by the resort. So, don’t get yourself confused while choosing a resort in Lonavala and book this resort as soon as possible.

  • Cloud 9 Hills Resort- Nestled in Nature’s Lap

Resort Cloud 9 Hills Resort, Lonavala

Doesn’t it seem blissful to have closure to nature? The Cloud 9 Hills Resort brings that opportunity for its guests. If you aren’t a big fan of formality and you love to be in touch with the hills, this resort is a compact choice for you. You’ll fall in love with the vintage attire of the cottages inside the resort. Also, you can book a bungalow if you’re visiting with your whole family. Being a hillside resort, this resort offers unmatched and heavenly scenic views of the greenery of the Western Ghats. You can breathe the fresh mountains to replenish positivity in yourself along with the lucrative modern amenities of the resort. So, don’t hesitate and book this resort for this weekend right now.

  • Upper Deck Resort- Peaceful Environment

Nobody loves a clumsy, crowded ambiance while spending leisure hours during weekends. The Upper Deck Resort is the best choice in Lonavala to help you have a peaceful, calming weekend with your close ones. As the resort is located in the remote Pangloli village, the surrounding ambiance and environment of it are entirely chaos-free. Be it hot tubs, or outdoor pools, the resort has all the features to impress guests easily. You get the chance to relax your mind by staring at the mesmerizing valleys while sitting on the balcony alone. If you’re seeking a hassle-free holiday in nature’s lap, book this resort today.

  • Serenity Resort- Gateway to Heaven

This extraordinary resort near the Kune Falls is one of the most magnificent resorts in Lonavala. Simplicity is the key attraction of the resort and all the rooms and suites of the resort are decorated in a simple and sophisticated way. In addition to that, the luxurious amenities of the resort are going to blow your mind. Also, all the important tourist attractions of Lonavala are very close to this resort. That’s why this resort should be a worthy pick if you’re planning to go to Lonavala this weekend.

  • Kumar Resort- Kid Friendly

When you’re taking kids on a weekend trip, you must find a kid-friendly resort so that your kids don’t get bored. The Kumar Resort is the best one to stay in Lonavala with your kids. Separate playgrounds and kids’ space and other playful amenities for kids make this resort a perfect choice for staying with kids.

These are the best resorts in Lonavala for staying during a weekend trip. So, select any one of these according to your choice to have a relaxed and chilling holiday.