Yoga for Cancer Patients & Survivors: Benefits and Precautions

Yoga for Cancer Patients & Survivors: Benefits and Precautions

Yoga is one of the age-old Indian practices that has grown in popularity over the last few decades. It is a fusion of precise postures, along with breathing and meditation. Its primary objective is to establish a secure connection between body, thoughts, and spirit. The popularity of yoga has grown tremendously, as many who practice it works for the happiness, relaxation, tranquility, and peace offered by this practice.

There is a piece of strong evidence that links yoga to a range of benefits like reduced back pain, better strength, and reduced stress. Yet, it is quite remarkable that yoga has been able to make an impact even in the lives of people affected with cancer. Several symptoms that are usually associated with cancer, diabetes, drug addiction, heart disease, and high blood pressure can be taken away.

Correct diet and nutrition have especially been beneficial for people affected by cancer or those who were unable to fight off cancer. Irrespective of the treatments received by the cancer survivor, they will feel low in terms of energy. It is possible to strengthen these bodies without any side effects that are usually associated with medical treatments. If you are a novice in yoga, you can start with the best yoga videos, which were selected by our professionals. Yoga therapy is a remarkable asset for this purpose. Here are some of the advantages of yoga:

Lowering Stress and Anxiety Levels

Cancer patients and survivors are likely to be affected by a lot of stress levels. These can end up preventing a sense of well-being and ease within the patient. There is a substantial decline in the strength of an immune system if a person has a higher level of stress. Hence, there is likely to be a significant reduction in the recovery rate if there is greater stress. Yoga is one of the popular meditation techniques that can help lower stress, as it includes a range of breathing and meditation exercises.

Especially in the case of patients who are affected by breast cancer, yoga has had a substantial effect in terms of lowering blood cortisol levels. During times of stress, cortisol is secreted as one of several hormones. They can have a positive impact in terms of helping cancer cells progress further. Hence, stress should be avoided by anti-cancer yoga techniques.

Eliminating Toxins Caused by Cancer Treatment

Any cancer treatment will induce a lot of toxins in the body that can end up causing a lot of harm, even in the case of a survivor. The different techniques involved in yoga are capable of not just stimulating muscles; they can also enhance blood flow, increase balance within the glands, and add to the lymphatic flow within the body. This causes a higher level of purification process internally. Furthermore, the breathing techniques, which are relaxing and deep breaths, are capable of increasing oxygen levels in the blood. This, in turn, enhances the number of nutrients that are being delivered to the cells. All these contribute to a lower level of toxins in the body.

Offering a Workout for Cancer Patients

It may not be possible for a cancer survivor to be actively involved in the world of the gym – even if they follow – and workouts. They would be already tired from the hectic cancer treatment, and it may be challenging to get them going again. Thankfully, yoga provides a much smoother and simpler way of getting work done. One can improve strength, flexibility, balance, and muscle tone by practicing yoga poses for cancer patients. These can come in handy just after having undergone a lengthy spell in bed without a lot of exercise. Once these yoga techniques get going, the patients can feel blood flow, improving.

Strengthening the Body

A lot of strength is lost by those who are undergoing radiation and chemotherapy. To boost the immune system and to enhance the body, a range of workouts is recommended. Yet, they will compromise on positive elements like flexibility and motion. For example, a survivor who is just recovering from breast cancer will be able to thank yoga for introducing flexibility and motion slowly and gently. It is essential not to hurry while introducing these elements. A lot of strength is also associated with improvement in appetite. Generally, cancer patients have a severe loss of appetite that may be due to disease or treatment. Yoga manages to restore appetite, and a higher intake of rich food can result in giving the patient a better chance to fight the disease.

Survival Benefits

It is common to associate yoga with some kind of a survival benefit in terms of people affected with cancer. Women who have had breast cancer have shown a flatter level of cortisol hormone that resulted in lower survival rates. When cortisol levels are very high in the morning, they tend to decrease during the day. Women who were able to practice yoga for around 60 minutes three times a day have been able to display a decrease in cortisol level even during the daytime. This is one of the biggest benefits of yoga for cancer patients.

Reduction in Pain

Cancer patients usually go through a lot of pain that is a side effect of the treatment. Even with a lot of conventional pain reduction treatments available, it is not very effective when it comes to this disease. However, yoga can provide pain relief without any side effects. The numerous poses involved in the system help soften the effect of pain, while also help in reducing insomnia. People who practice yoga can get better sleep, as fatigue levels are lowered. This increases the quality of life in the case of cancer survivors while giving hope to cancer patients.


The patients and cancer survivors have to thank this brilliant technique that is a pillar of their strength. Many who continue to practice yoga have been able to witness benefits that range from small to outstanding. It is possible to observe a strong sense of vitality and health that edges over into other walks of life.