Why iOS App Development Can Dominate the Future of the Market

Why iOS App Development Can Dominate the Future of the Market

Companies are always looking to find opportunities that help them escalate their business growth. Therefore, the best possible way proven to be highly effective in developing a mobile application. Mobile apps can generate significant revenues for your brand and take your business to higher levels.

There are possibilities of administering multiple resources to get your app developed the perfect way. You can also hire a third-party company to provide you with a great mobile app development solution.

But the question that bothers most entrepreneurs is which platform to choose while developing their mobile applications? Here you have two choices- either to opt for Android app development or to for custom iOS app development.

It is evident that Android has a higher user base; therefore is a winner when it comes to the number of users using the OS globally. However, Apple has the highest market share in the United States, with 57.22%, North America with 52.28%, and the United Kingdom with 51.4%.

Hence, iOS app development is a clear choice when developing for any of the three countries or any other “iOS user dominated” ones.

If you are still not convinced as to why to choose iOS app development, let us give you some reasons that will make you believe that custom iOS application development is the right thing to do to ensure brand stability in the future.

Let’s get started!

  • Mobile Apps are super famous:

The days when websites used to enjoy popularity are now over. Desktops and laptops are now switched with mobile phones. Therefore more and more entrepreneurs prefer developing mobile applications for their brand.

More than 87% of the users globally started spending more and more time using mobile apps rather than websites.

Therefore, one must invest in developing an application either for Android or iOS.

  • iOS is a popular platform:

There’s no doubt that the iOS platform offers a seamless user experience to its users. An add on to that is the robust community of iOS app developers. More than 64% of developers are dedicatedly working to perform excellent custom iOS app development, according to stats.

This implies that most developers believe iOS to be the right choice of the operating system. Since iOS has a large pool of resources, you get to choose, finalize and handpick the most relevant resource for your project from various experienced developers.

They can be filtered out based on your project’s scope, experience, time constraints, and budget.

  • The Big Numbers:

Around 5 million applications are available on the internet for download, out of which more than 2 million apps are available at the Apple app store. The statistics alone are the indicator of popular iOS apps. On average, somewhere around 1,089 applications are launched every day and awaits a good response from users.

Outstanding numbers are all about providing the right functionality to the app, making it appealing, practical, and easy to use for consumers.

If you manage to get it right, you will develop an iOS application that will be a clear winner in this cut-throat competitive market.

  • Apple Stats:

Apple is clearly the apple of every user’s eye. The below-presented stats clarify why it is smart to invest in custom iOS application development for your next project.

Let’s talk numbers:

  1. Since launch (2007), Apple has managed to sell more than 1.3 billion iPhones

  2. Since 2001, the stock price of Apple Inc. has increased by 15000%, making the company worth $1 trillion.

  3. The iPhone’s global selling stats are 18%, and 87% of profits are earned on each smartphone.

  4. The cash reserve of Apple accounts for $26.5 billion.

  5. Apple has sold more watches (around 8 million) than the whole of the Swiss watch industry in the year 2017.

  6. More than a trillion photos are captured with iOS devices each month.

  7. ARKit is utilized in more than 2000 apps.

  8. More than 50 billion episodes and downloads are recorded on Apple podcasts.


When iOS and Apple’s power combine, it can take down any competitor present in the market. Therefore, the market will always revolve around custom iOS app development, keeping up with new techniques, updates, or other versions.

When businesses are looking to expand their brand user base, they prefer iOS app development since it provides a seamless user experience, has a neat UI, and performs exceptionally. These apps are secure, hassle-less, and reliable.

Thus, if you need to develop your project and want something trustable and lovable, don’t think much and invest in iOS app development.