What recruiters look for in a candidate??

What recruiters look for in a candidate??

Most of the job seekers ask that how they can stand out from other interviewers. In the recent job market, it is necessary to show some skills which distinguish you from others. Candidates say that recruiters don’t find a suitable candidate from the interviewers, but it seems wrong because recruiters want the best for both candidate and company. Recruiters always try to give you the best experience of application and interview on their behalf. Recruiters demand the best candidates for their company to whom they try to call for the evaluation to them who are suitable for the company. We think that they don’t share all the information with the candidate like salary bands, candidate competition, internal tactics but sharing this information can lead to a problem they want to be free.
We had a word with some of the recruiting agencies who indulge in these activities say that recruiters can’t tell what they are looking for in them. But they have given some idea about the steps which major recruiters see in candidates. Let us see some of the traits that recruiters look at in the candidates while recruiting are-


  1. You must be a quick learner – In today’s job market, recruiters want you to get highly updated with the environment because industries and jobs change their level with time. Recruiters want you to adapt there environment as soon as you enter the office. You must be attractive to the employer in the interview process. Prepare yourself to face all the competitions with your knowledge and smartness.
  2. Punctuality matters a lot– Candidates think that recruiters start interviewing you when you are in front of them. But, candidates are wrong because the time you enter your interview begins. It is necessary to reach the office on time on the very first day. The recruiter sees that what time you entered and how much you are serious about the job. The hiring process from phone calls to in-person interviews is imperative if you are looking to impress a recruiter or hiring manager.
  3. Must be a salary negotiable– Salary is the very crucial part for both employer and employee. Both want to win the salary game, as it may decide the relationship between company and candidate. Recruiters tell the candidate that we will take advantage and pay you less because recruiters are searching for the right employee. Recruiters usually give salary band to the employees so that if they work accurately, then they are paid high + Vacation + Bonus. These things are usually negotiable in every company.
  4. First Impression is the Last Impression – This phrase is crucial for the candidates because recruiters judge you in the interview. This phrase gives you a clear idea of the mindset of the recruiter. For a good impression in the first interview, you need to read the recruiter’s mind. Candidates say that they did not get a call from the recruiters. Have you ever thought that why you did not get the answer? Because you were not fit for the company and are not ready to work with them because your answers matter most and will decide everything.
  5. Your Social Media must be very impressive – This point has become very important in recent times. As we know, today majority of recruiters use social media to find suitable candidates for their company. The candidates need to be active on social media so that the chances of getting appropriate job increases. Recruiters are not using social media to find ways not to hire someone knowledgeable but to ensure they accurately present themselves. Your resume should match with your social media details on Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Instagram. Take care of all the abused comments on your social media platforms.

Knowing what recruiters look at in the candidate’s resume and preparing for interviews can give you your desired job. By presenting the skills and experience, employers want to see that you will be one step closer to landing your dream job. Ready to impress recruiters with your skills and knowledge?

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