Unique gifts to impress your boss

Unique gifts to impress your boss

You can gift your boss a token of respect and gratitude for being the best guide for you. He has been a motivation and the source of immense inspiration that always guides you to achieve higher levels of success in life. If it’s your senior’s birthday or a big bash at the office, grab this chance to impress your kingpin.

You can always keep your relationship going on this vibrant note with something unique and different. It’s always a cliche to hear a tiff between boss and employees. But it’s hard to believe that the relationship of a senior with his junior is always special. It’s the only relationship that combines the flavour of a teacher and the love of a friend.

Gift for boss

Desk toy

A desk toy is a good way to compliment your boss. You can have a cubicle desk toy that has vibrant colours and a sleek design. It is best to motivate the person who has been your inspiration. You have the ultimate chance to take the leader position of the good books of your boss with an amazing gift like this. It would help in releasing all the stress and. He could have a glance just to be energized and get on to work with new vigour.

Business card holder

What more alluring can you find for a person who is another word for professionalism and perfection? a business card holder for the ideal corporate kingpin. You know, in the corporate world, a business card is all your respect and prestige. So buy a business card holder that is similar to your senior’s personality. These come in sleek leather designs and give off the right vibe. The next time anyone asks for your boss’s business card, he would readily pop out one from this amazing business card holder that would leave an amazing impression on the other person.

Indoor plants

Nature is the only stress reliever that works well and can keep you in good spirits. Surround yourself with as much nature as you can. In-office hours with the laptops wires all around you need something that relaxes you. You can have an indoor ficus plant that revitalizes your senses and gives off fresh air to breathe in. It’s scientifically proven that the ficus plants are the best indoor plants that can purify the air and offer an elegant look to your interiors. Buy one for your boss and impress him in one go. You can also add flowers to it. It will sit beside your desk and help him work with positivity around.


Whenever you work in an office, you have a lot of things to note down. With your brain in full power, you might want to note down some things to give it a helping hand. So gift a journal that would help your boss to keep important notes and information safe. You can personalize the cover of this journal with a quirky message. You can get his initials inscribed on the cover. This would take you right to the top of the leaderboard and book your promotion.

Laptop table

There are days when you need to work from home, and some clients keep you busy, even on the weekends. So let your boss have comfortable office work even at home. You can give a laptop table that gives off the office vibe when working at home. You can find a laptop table that is adjustable and comes with small compartments for extra storage. This laptop table can be decked on his study and used on the bed. This would give them a comfortable sitting posture while working hard to secure more clients for his company.

Personalized mug

Personalized gifts can be stargazing gifts. You can go for a personalized mug for your boss. Get a special message printed on this mug and secure your position on the charts of good employees. You can get funky notes printed. For example, you can have a message “From the best employee in your office.” This would leave other employees jealous of you.

Coffee subscriptions

Your boss always grabs a cup of coffee when he is stressed out. There’s a lot more than you can offer him just than a coffee treat at lunchtime. You can give him a lot more than that. Give him a coffee subscription so that he relishes authentic cocoa and the exotic coffee from the lands of Ghana, offer him the coffee subscription that quenches his cravings for the real cocoa punch.

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