10 reasons your WordPress site will get hacked (how to stop it)

10 reasons your WordPress site will get hacked (how to stop it)

From making blogs, writing short stories to creating websites, WordPress provides it all. It is the most versatile and useful platform for a variety of websites. You can make blogs, e-commerce websites, business websites, membership websites, portfolio websites, forum websites, event websites, E-learning websites, and wedding websites under this wide range of platforms. Because of its simplicity, it is easy to use and flexible. It charges no money and is open-source software.

There is no need of knowing the code and is highly customizable with WordPress themes. You can also get involved with the higher communities with the help of WordPress meetups, web camps, and many more. With the increased features and flexibility, it is easier to hack nowadays. A hacked WordPress site is as damaging as having your home robbed. It can completely batter your peace of mind and can damage your online business up to a great extent. Depending on the type of attack, your website could suffer a lot of things like it can operate very slowly on the device, it could crash or malfunction completely, and it could lose all your valuable customer data, and many more.


Here are 10 reasons why your WordPress site will get hacked and how you can resolve them:

  1. Using Weak Passwords: The easiest way for a hacker to hack your WordPress is to guess the password. By nature, there are some passwords that are easy to hack such as 7777, Komal, Lamborghini, 123456, batman, soccer, etc. Try to use an uncommon and strong password to keep your site safe.
  2. Outdated software: Try to use the latest version of WordPress for security purposes. It is easier to hack the old version of any software. Just download the latest version in order to avoid this problem.
  3. Common Admin Usernames: Just like using weak passwords, common admin usernames are very easy to hack. This includes using usernames like admin1, admin12, admin3, and so on. Try to use the unique username and you can do that by deleting the previous admin name and creating a new one with the unique admin username.
  4. Not using Firewall Protection: Consequently, you possibly want to secure and strengthen your website against the inevitable cyberattacks by taking a wide variety of security measures. One of them is a firewall. Firewalls make it harder for hackers to hack the sites, so make sure you have the latest version of a firewall for the sake of protecting your site.
  5. WordPress Themes and Plugins: Indirectly you give access to the hackers if you use outdated plugins and WordPress versions. You are making your site vulnerable with the deactivated themes and plugins.
  6. Insecure Web Host: Mostly, many users do not pay much attention to the web host. They select and hire the cheapest they find. To overcome this problem, try to opt for the most reliable host, a virtual and dedicated server.
  7. Incorrect File Permissions: File Permissions are a set of rules used by the webserver. These permissions help your web server control access to files on your site. Incorrect file permissions can give the hacker access to write and make changes to these files.
  8. Not Changing your WordPress Table Prefix: Experts highly recommend changing the default wp table prefix. By default, it is set to wp_, which is commonly known. For that reason, leaving it as it is will make your website more vulnerable.
    To enhance the security of your website, it is really a good idea to change it to something totally random and impossible for the hacker to guess like 5y3456jik90@.
  9. Keep your Server Clean: By deleting the unused versions of WordPress on the server, you are staying on the safer side. Unused plugins, WordPress files, and themes can be exploited when they are not in use. Just delete and run a tight ship.
  10. Protect your Home and Computer Network: If you run windows, scan all the time. Be careful with the sites that you visit. Sometimes, protecting your computer isn’t about visiting websites that are distributing malware. But, even the known sites for example a friend’s blog could be hacked. So, in short, you need protection wherever you go on the web.

WordPress is a very popular and versatile open-source software that create outstanding and visually appealing websites and with that, it is becoming the easy target for getting hacked. These are the reasons why WordPress site gets hacked and how you could use them in an effective manner to reduce the above problems as well. All you need to do is to focus on making your Website secure and less prone to attacks. This article must have given you insights on why WordPress websites get hacked and what precautions you need to take to prevent them.