Traveling Safely in flights in COVID-19 by unique service

Traveling Safely in flights in COVID-19 by unique service

In recent days of COVID-19, the good news is that Airports and Airlines are trying to minimize the risks of contagions in their often-crowded environments.

Emergency Airport Assistance gives a very unique Airport service and some beneficial traveling tips during COVID-19. It also gives a service of not standing in a queue for check-in by booking with a phone call or an e-mail for every procedure done in an Airport. Every possible care has been taken by Emergency Airport Assistance and very quick service has been provided to them. The first priority would be the safety of passengers and staff and temperature checks, Masks and Sanitizers would be an essential element at every level.


Planes are now being fogged with an electrostatic disinfectant that sticks to surfaces like seatbelts. Some airlines give you wipes and the transportation security administration has upped the size of hand sanitizer bottles you can bring on board from 3.4 ounces to 12. Sometimes people are afraid that they get sick on an airplane, but the reality is that the air quality on an airplane is actually really good. High amounts of clean outdoor air and all recirculated air passes through a HEPA FILTER. It makes the air you breathe in the flights easier and more comforting. Hence it’s not the air you breathe in but more of the surfaces you touch or come in contact with that pose more risk. The same extends to an airport. It also includes check-in, security check, and waiting areas.

Some of the measures that should be taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while flying is to practice social distancing on flights by leaving the middle seat vacant, air hostesses and other attendants wearing PPE masks have been discontinued and sanitizers have been made a must as well.


We are still learning about COVID-19. One of the things is likely to know that it seems to spread most easily by close contact between people. It isn’t only touching objects is the main way of contracting it but it means that whenever you are away from home, the most important thing you can do is maintain a six-foot or more distance from people you don’t live with wear a Face covering masks properly. Some other things should be taken into mind and said by WHO and other public health authorities that are washing hands well, avoiding touching your face, coughing and sneezing into your elbow, disinfecting frequently touched items like your phone, and staying home if you are sick. Practicing these measures keeps you and everyone else safer, regardless of how far you roam.


For avoiding in this COVID-19 session of the longtime queue in the security and custom department at the air terminal. This can be certainly be avoided by booking a flight at odd hours when the passengers are less likely to travel Emergency Assistance can help you if you book from it and gives services very quickly and smartly you can just get rid of those long queues and can leave the air terminal within a couple of minutes. This is an end to end service where you are greeted at the terminal entrance, where your bags are handled with care, check-in, security, and passport control are done with ease. You can relax and can rest in the VIP lounge at the airport until it is time for boarding. Any people who are traveling alone the first time or any senior citizens can assign one person who takes care of all the check-in, baggage, boarding requirements, and procedures. They can guide you in every problem you arrive at through the terminal and show you the right way.

While changing any flights also gate to gate transfer services also has been done by Emergency Assistance Services from the plane exit to the next boarding gate enjoy an effortless transferring through it we are 24 hours in service for you to help in day and night going flights.


Respiratory diseases like COVID-19 spread through droplets of saliva or mucus, usually when people cough or sneeze then others come in contact with droplets. So avoid touching your own eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands, as viruses most frequently enter the body through these routes.

Right now traveling has been restricted or suggested for only those who find it really essential. If you think traveling through flight here are some of the precautionary measures you should take to travel safely.

  1. Sanitize your baggage after going through security and post the check-out. Also, make sure that you wear gloves and masks throughout your journey.

  2. Keep a sanitizer handy. Even though airlines do a deep-clean and are following the strongest sanitization, keep a good quality sanitizer on you at all times to avoid any chances of contracting the virus.

  3. Sanitize your seat and headrest before sitting. Avoid contact with doors, knobs tray tables, etc as much as you can.

  4. The use of lavatories and washrooms should be avoided unless extremely necessary.

  5. Do not touch your face or your hands and distance yourself from patients who might be coughing and sneezing.

  6. If you have the option, consider choosing a window seat that contains the least likelihood of catching any infections.

  7. Maintain social distancing.

  8. Pregnant women, young children, and elderly or those belonging to the high-risk category have been advised to avoid traveling.

  9. Keep a safe distance from other passengers and sanitize your hands after you deboard.

  10. Take a bath after you reach your destination and immediately wash all your clothes with detergent and water. Disinfect your belongings too.

While the risk of catching infection on an aircraft is typically lower than in a shopping center or an office environment. There are simple measures that should be taken into the process while traveling. These include practicing social- distancing, hand hygiene by washing them regularly with soap or an alcohol-based sanitizer and not touching your face, especially eyes, nose, and mouth. Keep your masks and gloves handy with extra pairs.

In case for traveling through the flight without stress here, we saw some important tips and prevention which should be taken during traveling safely in COVID-19, and one of the most important way to travel safely and stress-free is due to Emergency Airport Assistance which helps and serves at its best by relieving you of the luggage, and taking it for check-in you can book from home at their website through e-mail or phone number. Passenger safety will be our first duty and have a happy and safe traveling with us.