Top Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Fails In 2020

Top Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Fails In 2020

Content marketing has proven to be the best tool for digital marketers in the past years. In recent days, marketers have started focusing more on inbound marketing strategies due to their cost-effectiveness and optimum results. However, not everyone achieves the desired ROI and traffic with content marketing as it is more complex and requires technical skills for delivering optimum results.

In this post, we will disclose the top aspects that affect content marketing massively:

Poor Content

A large number of clients begin with promoting content on different channels. However, it is crucial to first understand what a customer wants to read. Content marketing involves writing persuasive content that clicks on the mind of customers to perform an action such as subscribing, filling the form, or placing an order on the website.

For this, it’s essential to have an insight into customers’ minds. A successful marketing strategy involves understanding what customers want to achieve and what influences them. This will allow you to generate quality content for your readers and create more engagement on your website.

Use of Un-Authentic Marketing Medium

The trend comes and vanishes with the passage of time, but digital marketers need to stay ahead with the mainstream marketing channels. Before selecting the medium, study your audience. If your target audience spends much of the time on Facebook and Snapchat, then you might be wasting resources and time on promoting the product on Twitter. Choosing the right marketing channel is vital for an effective digital marketing strategy.

Even the most reliable content marketing plan won’t work if you’re targeting the audience on the wrong marketing channel. It is suggested that you should test different marketing channels to discover which channels work best for generating leads and traffic for your website.

Ignoring SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Another crucial factor marketers ignore sometimes is SEO content optimization. Proper keyword research, titles, and optimization are important for content to rank high on SERP. Most of the time marketers outsource their content to other digital marketing agencies for better performance, good results and capture leads.

We suggest that outsourcing the content department could be cost-effective for many businesses. The recent trends in 2020 also reflect that companies are moving more towards outsourcing the content to other digital marketing companies.

Non-Versatile Strategy

Content marketing is great for individuals who are flexible in adapting to the latest trends. A digital marketer must have an agile approach to deliver optimum results.

In the fast-paced world today, you should be prepared to make amendments or change content completely. It is suggested to analyze how a customer responds to your content and makes changes in content respectively. In this way, you will optimize content and take an edge over competitors.


Among the most common mistakes that marketers make is being too promotional. Successful advertisement requires being informative rather than being self-promotional. It is suggested that you place useful visuals such as infographics, accurate statics, or facts in the content.

As a small business owner, you should take a step and educate the digital marketing team to resist an urge to follow advertisement guidelines in every instance. Being self-promotional could lead to severe loss in traffic, leads, and brand creditability.

Un-linkable Content

Not every content is designed to be lined. Successful campaigns follow some guidelines such as content should be enticing to attract traffic. Content should be capable to generate links to the site, improving rankings and online visibility.

Above all, content should be convincing enough to earn links. Content such as infographics, memes, videos, case studies, and researches have more chances of earning links than traditional blogs.

Overlooking Buyer Persona

Shooting arrows with no aim leads to no results. Content marketing requires creating well-defined buyer personas. Be it any sort of content including sales copy, articles, guest posts, news, social media posts, or any content, it should sound native to readers. Only then will customers engage in the content. A defined buyer persona will also help in discovering more about your target audience, leading to successful campaigns.

Final Thoughts

Content marketing has evolved as the most effective way to generate traffic, leads, and conversions. Businesses choose content marketing to build credibility and lasting relationship with clients. However, marketers should avoid making the above-specified mistakes to ensure a campaign runs flawlessly, leading to revenues and growth of a business.

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