Top-rated Tips & Tricks for your Google Pixel

Top-rated Tips & Tricks for your Google Pixel

Hope you’ve grabbed a cup of tea or coffee and are ready to go through our insanely creative list of tips & tricks for your shiny, new Pixel smartphone. This is undoubtedly going to be an authentic guide to get your hands on your new Pixel phone or to get the most out of your Google device, in case you have a few years old Pixel devices. Whatever the situation may be, let’s dive deep into one of your top-rated Android phones.

1. Make the Best Use of Google Assistant

Since the launch of Google Assistant in October 2016, it is one of the best searches and AI features in Google Pixel smartphones. The Google Assistant is always there, ready to answer a wide range of queries or play out various distinctive voice searches. This is enabled by the home button that launches ‘Google Assistant’. Head over to your Pixel 4 or 4XL smartphones, launch it by simply holding down the home button or saying, “Hey Google or OK Google.” To ensure you can generally get in on the activity, go to Google > Settings to turn on the Assistant’s listening capability.

The Google Assistant is very supportive and convenient than the usual Google search accessible in other Android phones, so make the best out of your Google Pixel smartphones.

2. Easily Figure Out Who’s Calling You

Google phone app has some super Google powers. It has a by default feature to identify unknown callers who keep you up on your toes. In this way, you can easily decide if you want to attend the caller right now or not. The function admirably works well if a retail company, for instance, might be attempting to contact you through a call center agent. So, it will save your time in any way.

3. Sync or Backup your Photos

One of my preferred advantages of the Pixel is that you get a free backup of every one of your photos at full resolution through Google Photos. If you decide to switch your phone, the content transfer process is applicable without breaking a sweat. In any case, you need to guarantee it first. Open the Google Photos application, and afterward enable the “backup” option and synchronize. There are also a couple of features e.g., detecting similar faces within the photos and sparing space by deleting extra saved pictures.

4. A Mobile – Friendly View for Readers

Finally, something good for readers! Chrome on the Pixel will assist you with your reading journey. Now easily get to read articles that are jumbled up with advertisements. You just need to press the button to clean up space for you and voila, you can read anything with a perfect view. The feature can be somewhat hit and miss regarding when it springs up, yet it’ll make a few websites on the web significantly legible.

5. Get Rid of Spams

Your Pixel is likewise brilliant enough to caution you when there’s a spam call coming through. It’s difficult to miss — you’ll see a brilliant red screen with a notice that it’s conceivably a trick. You can even now answer it on the off chance that you’d like, yet get ready to state “no thanks”.

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