Top 10 Features of Tattoo studio system

Top 10 Features of Tattoo studio system

We all know about the boom of the tattoo business in today’s world. Young and budding youth are crazy after tattoo making. With so much craze for tattoos, tattoo shops are in demand. Every tattoo business is emerging like anything. The only issue they are suffering from is managing all other essential tasks with customers.

For a business owner, every customer brings a wave of happiness but to manage customers along with other tasks is what brings difficulties before them. With more customers, more management is required. Remember, you don’t have to welcome customers with a lot of chaos, and mismanagement, it will surely put off them and leave a strong-bad impression.

For the easiness and comfort of tattoo owners, efficient tattoo studio software are available in the market. It not only enhances the customer’s journey but also simplifies other tasks of tattoo owners. Well, in the subsequent parts of our write-up, we will run you through the amazing features of tattoo management software. Hold on with us!

Table of Contents

  1. Top Features of Tattoo Software
  2. Flexible Appointments
  3. SMS Campaign
  4. Clear and Complete Analytics
  5. Customer Management
  6. Employee Management
  7. Online Booking 24/7
  8. Marketing
  9. Point of Sale
  10. Reward Points Management
  11. Prepaid and Credit Card Management
  12. Conclusion

Top Features of Tattoo Software

Flexible Appointments

Appointments, if managed in an organized and sophisticated manner, never ever bothers staff, no matter how many customers are coming to you. But the same brings headaches when it becomes difficult to handle several appointments. That’s why to control the huge customer flow in your tattoo studio, special tattoo tools are there in the market. They manage your appointments in the finest manner without any human intervention. With an amazing automation process, you can manage your customers like a pro and get rid of all the probable no-shows.

Allow your customers to schedule, reschedule, or cancel the appointments conveniently. Also, the software enables you to view which staff member has free time slots so that you schedule multiple appointments at one time. Hence, you can save a greater amount of your valuable time.

SMS Campaign

You don’t need to worry about the marketing and promotion of your artistic business. This software is sufficient to look after all your business needs. To get more customers, sales, revenue, and profits, effective marketing is the answer.

Along with many marketing strategies, it offers one of the best practices i. e., SMS campaigns. You can use it to remind your customers about their pending payments, upcoming appointments, etc. Also, this system enables you to send your customers exciting offers, discounts, and gifts to retain them for a long time.

Clear and Complete Analytics

A tattoo system gives simple, concise, and clear analytics on the overall functioning of your business. Get a whole idea of where your business is facing downfalls and where your efforts have shown colors with a tattoo solution.

Customer Management

Handling your customers and giving them a reason to stay long with you is in itself an art. And primarily, the tenure of your customer’s journey all depends upon you, how you nurture or care for them. Imagine if you will not have customers then, how your business will sustain. Consumers are the foundation of every business, customer management strategies are implemented to maintain healthy terms with them. You need to keep this in mind, it is the customers that make or break your business.

A well-built tattoo system helps you in building your store. It gives you access to review your customer’s purchasing history. This tool lets you know which services they cherish the most and which products they purchase the most. You can improve your selling patterns and enhance your customer satisfaction with this data. More so, you can provide them offers, gifts, and discounts to delight them and to make them stay with you for long.

Employee Management

Managing your staff team is also a crucial and most challenging task. A single human i.e., a business owner can’t keep an eye on every aspect that’s why smart apps and tools are invented to offer a helping hand to entrepreneurs. With employee management features in tattoo systems, owners can keep track of the working performance of their staff. They can keep a record of whole information related to staff. With just a few clicks, you can supervise them.

The software helps you manage multiple employees for business operations and therefore, largely eliminates manual labor. Besides, you can offer commissions and incentives to staff for their praiseworthy hard work and rocking performance.

Online Booking 24/7

Tattoo software also comes with an online booking feature. Bookings can seamlessly be scheduled via online mode. And, the best part is it, offers a 24/7 booking option that means there is no particular time for the booking. One can make bookings at what time seems flexible to them.


You can perform all your marketing goals and objectives with this efficient tattoo system. It possesses all the advanced capabilities and features to run marketing campaigns for you.

Marketing is the most integral task of any business that takes a major amount of mental as well as physical efforts. Over time, you need to make amendments to your strategies to bring something new and exciting before them. Various marketing ways are practiced to achieve impeccable benefits; Coupon management, gift cards, feedback system, loyalty system are a few to name.

Therefore, fly off all your worries with this remarkable efficient tool and see your business growing rapidly like anything.

Point of Sale

Point of sale is the best addition to your business. A powerful POS system enhances and boosts your studio sales, productivity, and much more. This remarkable feature skillfully manages your inventory and keeps a record of service sales. One more best part is that it supports several reliable payment methods. Customers can seamlessly make payments via any mode or channel they find easy.

Reward Points Management

The tattoo system enables you to find the most loyal customer by analyzing customers’ history. By calculating the number of purchases and services taken by them, you can set loyalty points for them. Make your customers feel valued by offering gifts, discounts, coupons, etc for their prolonged loyalty.

Prepaid and Credit Card Management

Leverage tattoo management software to the best to manage your transactions as well. You can quickly and seamlessly handle prepaid and postpaid payments & determine your tax liability without facing any issue.


Lastly, we can only say, to retain your customer volume. Well, management, order, discipline is essentially required. You can lose your customers if you fail to manage them in a great manner. Earning customers is far easier than managing them. So, skillfully manage all your chores with tattoo management software and welcome your customers in a hassle-free environment. To deliver good experiences to your customers, a chaos-free and peaceful environment is significant. You can make all this possible with a tattoo solution.

Embrace this tool to achieve your business goals. We request our readers to share their valuable opinions with us. Your comments matter a lot to us.

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