6 Tips for Quick Recovery Post Wisdom Tooth Extraction

6 Tips for Quick Recovery Post Wisdom Tooth Extraction

For the removal of wisdom teeth, around five million Americans visit a dentist every year. Every year the extraction of a lot of wisdom teeth occurs and these are around 10 million. However, it is not necessary to extract every wisdom tooth. Only 12 % of the affected teeth require extraction. There are chances of infection to be developed in the third molars and these are around 10 %. If the cysts are present then the condition can become more serious. The adjacent teeth can also get damaged because of the impacted teeth. If you think that surgery is always required for the removal of the wisdom tooth then you are not 100 % right. You can follow a number of recovery tips for wisdom teeth removal. These will help you in preventing the procedure’s side effects. Now I am going to share 6 tips for quick recovery post wisdom tooth extraction.

1. Take a Gauze Pad and bite it down gently – If the extraction site bleeds then for stopping it you need to use a gauze pad and bite it down as per the direction of a dentist. Because of this, faster clotting of the blood in gums will occur. For your recovery, it will be vital if clotting of the blood occurs. It will help in protecting the infection in the wound and in the exposed bone. You have to gently bite it down. In this way, you can prevent the wound from getting reopened. In order to stop the bleeding, it is necessary for you that for at least five minutes you are biting it down.


2. Apply ice – On the cheek and on the jaw apply some ice so as to get relief from pain after the removal of the wisdom teeth. After the surgery, there are chances of swelling and bruising. But if you will apply ice then you can prevent all these. For about 20 minutes you have to apply ice. After this take 20 minutes to rest. Then apply ice for the second time. After the procedure, this needs to be done for around 48 hours.

3. Follow the medication to relieve pain as prescribed by the dentist – To get relief from pain after the removal of the wisdom teeth you need to take Advil or ibuprofen. If these don’t work then you can take powerful painkillers as per the recommendation of a dentist. For combating and preventing infections, some antibiotics can also help you. If the swelling goes away then also the prescribed dosage needs to be completed by you. There is a possibility of the development of drug-resistant bacteria in the mouth if at an early time you stop the treatment.

4. Always keep your mouth clean – If after surgery you want to do brushing then you need to be very careful. The extraction site’s nearest area needs to be brushed gently. With this, the dislodging of the blood clot can be avoided. After 24 hours of the surgery, you can also do mouth rinsing. But don’t use commercial rinses. Add some salt to the water and warm it. Then you can use it. Every day after taking a meal you have to rinse your mouth with it five times.

5. Eat soft food – After the removal of the wisdom teeth, you have to take a nutritious diet. The chances of complications will get reduced with this and swelling can be avoided. The process of wound healing will take place at a faster rate if you will eat these foods. The soft foods are easily chewable and will hurt less while eating. Jell-O, avocados, mashed vegetables, broths, and blended soups are included in these foods.

6. Take much rest – A lot of rest is necessary after the procedure. If you will do this then faster healing of the wound will occur. You have to sleep for 9 hours at least. The swelling can get reduced with this. It has been found that the healing process of the body occurs at a faster rate if you take enough sleep. For complete healing around 4.2 days are taken by the injured patients if they sleep for 9 hours daily. If they do not take proper sleep then the recovery process takes some more time.

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