Top 10 Ecommerce Tips To Boost Your Sales in Less Than 24 Hours

Top 10 Ecommerce Tips To Boost Your Sales in Less Than 24 Hours

If you have just opened your first online e-commerce store, you know that not everyone in this industry gets a huge sale. Why? Because most of the time they can’t get enough traffic to their store. Every e-commerce store follows different strategies to boost its sales. Therefore, not everyone has the same online presence. Some stores are way famous than others. And some are yet to be recognized. But what if we tell you that you can boost your sales in less than 24 hours? That’s right. So, let’s dive into this post and discover the top 10 eCommerce tips.

1- Start Email Marketing

If you have not started with this one yet, you are running an e-commerce store in the wrong way. To boost your slates, you can inform your buyers about new products through email campaigns. You can specify the products based on individual preferences. For example, if someone buys a self-help book from your store, they might also be interested in buying relationship handbooks. So, show them similar products through email marketing and your sale will be increased. And in addition to that, show them other new launches too.

2- Create Time-Sensitive Special Offers

There is nothing wrong with offering your products in a time-sensitive manner. It means you can advertise your products or send your customers email notifications saying “X (the name of the item) product is available from 12 pm to 4 pm today with 70% discount!. Don’t miss out on the deal!”

This not only creates urgency but through the tactics, you boost your product sales. You can also create offers related to limited-edition products. You can also offer free shipping or discounts for a time period to boost the sale of the particular product. You can follow this strategy or you can follow this link once in a while otherwise it will be too predictable if you do this frequently.

3- Advertise on Social Media

You may have noticed many brands advertising their products on Facebook and Instagram. Well, this gains them many customers and sales. If the products match their customers’ interests, they will definitely buy them for themselves or their loved ones. Or at least, they will add the products to their shopping carts and register to your store for later deals. But when you are running a campaign on social media, make sure your campaign is attractive enough to create sales.

4- Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

This happened before and will happen forever. That your customers first add something on their cart and then they change their mind. They either find a good deal somewhere else or simply change their mind about buying the product. The main reasons for this are the prices and shipping timing. If they find the products are not going to be delivered within their expected timeline, they are most likely going to abandon their carts.

To reduce the percentage of cart abandonment, you can make your design more interactive for mobile users. You can add different payment options, convince your customers to come back to the cart through notifications and emails. Or you can also add the wishlist feature for your customers where they can keep their interesting products without any pressure.

5- Build Your Stock with New Products

When your returning customers find out that there are only the products left which they have seen before, they are most unlikely to come back. By launching new products and informing the clients about the same will keep them around. You can add new collections, products every 12 weeks or less than that if possible. This will give your customers the reliability to find new interesting items in your e-commerce stores if they like shopping with you.

6- Show Off Testimonials on Your Site

There must be some customers that are happy with your service. You can request their feedback and that is going to be a valuable weapon to land more clients to your e-commerce store. Show the positive reviews on your site as a testimonial page to attract more potential customers. This not only builds credibility but also encourages your customers to buy your products.

7- Click Attractive Product Images

Don’t underestimate the power of stunning images. It can increase your sales up to 80%. The appearance of your products matters when it comes to sales. And with that keeping in mind, try to find confident models who can make the images more stunning.

8- Try Google PPC Marketing

You are taking care of your SEO in the e-commerce store. That’s a good thing but also try to create a PPC marketing campaign if you have a higher budget. SERP results along with a good PPC campaign can boost your sales every day.

9- Improve the Security of Your Site

No one is going to buy from a site that does not come with an SSL certificate. SSL certificates are the sign that your website is safe from hackers. You can also use PayPal Verified, Google Trusted Store, Truste Certified Company, Fake seal, Thawte, GeoTrust, Comodo, McAfee Secure, VeriGisn, ScanAlert Hacker Safe, GeoTrust, etc. to boost your site’s security.

10- Offer Products With High ROI

Optimize a list of ROI (return on investment) on your e-commerce site. You can build a smart investment budget in products with high ROI. So that this can increase your return on investment for those particular products.

There go the top 10 eCommerce tips to boost your sales in less than 24 hours. Some of these are long-term strategies. But if you pursue them regularly, you will see a significant result in a few time span. Or if you are still struggling to create an attractive online store, you can contact professional e-commerce developers.