Some information about Father

Some information about Father

Most people wrote about the mother but only a few people wrote about the father.

I am writing something about the father.

F – Fearless

A – Appreciate

T – Teacher

H – Honest

E – Encourage

R – Responsible

What father secrisfy for us? What is the father doing for his family?

Our father satisfies lots of things for us like never see day or night for earning money, never buy new cloth for him. Father never show his tears. Why? He has fear about his family. If he will not strong then who will manage his family.

Father is the strongest person in the family. We always give credit to mom. Why we are not giving credit to dad because we show mom’s scarification but never seen dad’s scarification.

When we say to dad that dad please bring this toy for me then he never says no and he will bring it for us. He never thing that I have money or not. He is always happy to bring for his child or family.

We need to give respect to our dad as well not only mom. In our life mom and dad both are important. Without anyone, our family is not complete.

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers in the world.

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