Right Ways for Choosing Anti Static Bags

Right Ways for Choosing Anti Static Bags

ESD products such as anti-static bags and anti-static spray should be a consideration for businesses in almost any man-made environment. This happens even if the room has no niches but the equipment or electronics set up in one section are blocked by other pieces of equipment, so they are hard to reach. So what should you do when a static electricity problem arises? This, in fact, can make the whole environment uncomfortable for that person living or working there. However, it can also damage the electronics in the area! So let’s explore some of the best anti-static products and understand how they can help us to feel protected in any environment.

The Importance of Anti Static Spray

There are many types of anti-static products and one of the most useful ones is considered to be anti static spray. In fact, this is an excellent solution when it comes to protecting a hard to reach item from electrostatic discharge. All you need is to buy anti-static spray which you need to spray and wipe, and then the item will be left with an invisible film that protects very effectively against static electricity. Being very effective, it is not only used in the hard to reach spots but also on easily accessible spots. Moreover, there are also companies that decide to coat the walls and desktops as well as the equipment if their electronics are very precious and need full protection against static.

Benefits of Anti Static Sprays

Anti-static sprays have a number of benefits:

  • The anti-static spray helps to cut the cost of investment. Not all businesses have the resources in order to invest in a full range of anti-static equipment. So that is why using an anti-static spray for your existing equipment can be a perfect option.
  • It can help you improve your overall health and heal your mind and body naturally.
  • This spray is designed to protect workers from static shock. You can use it and be sure it will prevent a build-up of electricity and keep you safe.

There are many other anti-static products on the market today, so besides anti-static spray, you can also order other ESD products including anti-static mats, anti-static cleaners, ESD gloves, anti-static bags, and more. These items are vital, so never think twice and invest in them!

ESD bag

Buying the right ESD bag

Now we want to focus on ESD bags. It can be complicated enough to choose the correct type of material as well as the correct type of material, but if you continue reading this blog, you will certainly choose the correct material for your ESD bag. So let’s start!

First of all, you should be clear about the purpose of your ESD bag and the environment it’s being used in. So this means you need to answer the following questions in order to get the best results.

  • Why do you want to buy an ESD bag, that is what you want to put inside it? Are they ESD sensitive items or Non-ESD sensitive items?
  • Should you consider moisture as an issue?
  • Do you need your ESD bag to be self-sealable? Or will you be using ESD tape/labels to close your bags?
  • Will you store ESD bags on a grounded shelf inside an EPA or you want to transport them outside of an EPA?
  • Are the items inside your ESD bag sensitive to physical damage?

So, please have the answers to these questions and then select the right material for your application. There are various details on the different types of materials, including:

  • Metal-In Shielding Bags

These are ESD bags that protect ESD sensitive items. The ESD shielding limits energy penetration from electrostatic charges and discharge. Metal-In Shielding Bags are also available with and without dissipative zipper.

  • Metal-Out Shielding Bags

These are Integral antistatic and low tribocharging bags that will not electrostatically charge contents during any movement. You can get them with or without a dissipative zipper and these bags also have an aluminum metal outer layer of laminated film.

  • Moisture Barrier Bags

You can easily use these moisture barrier bags when it comes to packing SMD reels or trays because they offer ESD and moisture protection.

  • Bubble Shielding Bags

Combining the “Faraday Cage” and mechanical protection, this anti-static bag can perfectly shield about twice as well as normal shielding bags of the same size.

  • Conductive Black Bags

Made of virgin low-density materials with black conductive compounds, these black bags ensure high toughness and strength.

  • Pink Antistatic Bags

In fact, pink antistatic bags are known to be economical as they are made of polyethylene. Available with and without a zipper, such anti-static bags are for use with non-ESD sensitive items destined for use in an EPA.

  • Pink Anti Static Bubble Bags

If you are seeking good mechanical protection, then these ESD bags are perfect for use with non-ESD sensitive items. Made of pink-tinted, amine-free, antistatic polyethylene, Pink Anti-static Bubble Bags also comes with a 25mm flap that has a self-adhesive strip designed to close the bags.

Now if you have already chosen the right type of material, you can choose the right size for your ESD bag. You have various ways to determine according to the type of material you use:

  • Shielding, Black Conductive, and Pink Antistatic Bags
    Bag Width = Item’s Thickness + Item’s Width + 25mm
    B. Bag Length = Item’s Thickness + Item’s Length + 50mm
  • Moisture Barrier Bags (MBB)
    Bag Width = Item’s Thickness + Item’s Width + 25mm
    B. Bag Length = Item’s Thickness + Item’s Length + 76mm
  • Pink Bubble and Bubble Shielding Bags
    Bag Width = Item’s Thickness + Item’s Width + 76mm
    B. Bag Length = Item’s Thickness + Item’s Length + 76mm

It goes without saying that anti-static bags and anti-static sprays can be practically used anywhere. They are designed to provide comfort and safety during production or storage and can perfectly improve overall productivity. Just invest in them and you will see the results yourself.

Author Bio: Hi, I am Stephen Logan, a 26 year self-employed freelance content writer. I have worked on 300+ projects. I write about everything which is important.