Drug/Pharmacy safes fit for your needs: CMI, Secuguard, and Guardall

Drug/Pharmacy safes fit for your needs: CMI, Secuguard, and Guardall

Medicines need appropriate storage facilities to maintain their viability, effectiveness, and security. Usually, we associate the need for having drug safes as storage for drugs in an industrial and pharmaceutical setting. If you are thinking of buying a drug safe, it is imperative to have a medically appropriate safe that meets the standards set down by your jurisdiction’s laws and regulations. Of course, you want to prevent the loss of your products due to theft or interference as well.

Drug safes can be useful even for home use. You would not want to have your children or your pets accidentally reach some of your stored medicines, especially when some medicines should not be handled without adult supervision. Therefore, drug safes are essential in maintaining a safe environment in your household.

What drug-safe brands should you choose?

There are quite a lot of drug safe brands out in the market, and there is a wide range of sizes and specifications to choose from. With all the options, how can you choose a drug safe fit for you?

Well, it would help if you decided based on the quality, features, security, and price that each safe will offer you. Here are some brands of drug safes you can consider.


CMI Safe Co

CMI Safes is an Australian company that offers a wide array of safes to choose from. Founded in 1946, this company has committed to providing quality safes. Today, they are one of the leading safe manufacturers in Australia.

With a diverse assembly of safes, CMI Safes makes sure that you have the one suited for your needs. Plus, the kind of security locks that CMI safes offer will undoubtedly make you feel at ease. No more unintentional accidents and no more loss of products due to theft!

CMI Safes can offer you the Drug Safe DS1 – DS4 and Drug Safe DS900. These models come in various sizes, and they also come with impressive features such as fully adjustable shelving and a compliant key, digital, or dial combination locking mechanism.

Aside from these models, the MRS or Medical Refrigeration Safe is also designed and manufactured by CMI Safes Company. Compared to the previously mentioned models, this one has slots for body ventilation. It even has more locking options aside from the standard locking mechanism.


Guardall is another great option, and this is a safes company that has integrated an electronic security system into their products, which will put you at ease knowing that the contents of your safe are fully protected. Not only that, their safes are very cost-effective, and they provide services ranging from supplying safes to giving necessary service and maintenance. Because of this, Guardall is a well-known brand in many countries.

For Guardall, the Drug Safes DSK1 through to the larger DSK5 models will suit you if you want either a digital or key locking mechanism.


Looking for more options? Secuguard is another high-quality safe manufacturer. Similar to Guardall and CMI, Secuguard is also a popular brand known worldwide. Thanks to their excellent security system and medically approved safety standards, you can be assured of this brand’s safe qualities.

Secuguard can offer you the small SD1 to the larger SD2K200 or even SD3K300 drug safe models. The SD models come with either key or digital locking mechanisms and all Secuguard models are comparable to the CMI safes when it comes to durability and function.

CMI safes, Guardall, and Secuguard all are of excellent quality and are medically compliant drug safes that fit Australian regulations, and you can find them all at Safes Australia. Choosing the perfect drug safe can be difficult, mainly due to the wide variety of options to choose from, but with CMI Safes, Secuguard, and Guardall, you will surely find the one that suits your pharmaceutical or residential needs.