Different Ways to Make Your Website Content Interactive

Different Ways to Make Your Website Content Interactive

There is no point in owning an outstanding website by investing huge bucks if you are failing to generate at least a justified amount of users. Then, it is merely a piece of decoration to visualize. After the full-fledged creation of a website, there are many things one needs to pay attention to rank in search results. Regular effective activities on your website are the route to many productive doors and producing interactive content is one among them. And, here in this write-up, we are going to share a few tips on the same i.e., different ways to produce engaging website content.

Simply, interactive content is a type of content, produced with an intent to engage those readers as well, who run away from lengthy heavy content. Many times people want to gain information from long writings but they stop in the middle of reading because not everybody is a big-time reader. Moreso, it’s highly time-consuming and leads to a big rise in bounce rate. It also results in a poor customer retention rate.

Let us tell you, content holds a big value. It plays a major role in generating outstanding productivity. Though static content is beneficial, along with this switch to other engaging content strategies as well to maximize your customer flow. Try to put fascinating, attention-grabbing content to increase the number of your clicks. One can also make website content interactive by focusing on search engine optimization tactics.

Developing interactive content is not such a tricky task. Hold on with us, we are going to share a few beneficial tips that can assist you in the same. so, here we go.

Table of contents

1 Add Quizzes, Surveys, and Polls
2 Appealing photos and videos
3 Interactive Infographics
4 Live chats
5 Ask for Ratings
6 Assessments
7 Conclusion

Effective strategies to produce an interactive website content

Add Quizzes, Surveys, and Polls

Something that brings quiet entertainment or joy always pays good results. It automatically drags plenty of people towards you. By organizing quizzes, surveys, or polls you can maximize your customer flow. Following this strategy works wonderfully than reading lengthy static content. Boost more and more people to engage with your website through online surveys and quizzes. It is observed, people enjoy quizzes and don’t find it time-consuming while engaging with them.

You can also minimize bounce rate as interesting polls and quizzes force users to get stuck to the appealing interactive content. Also, there are various plugins in the market with the help of which you can create engaging quizzes, surveys, and polls. It displays the results in real-time on your site.

Appealing Photos and Videos

It is proved that between videos and thoroughly written blogs or articles, videos always get maximum clicks. Videos always seem more fascinating to users because not everybody loves reading. People believe reading creates boredom in spite of watching a video. Also, the video gives a 360-degree view in just a few minutes by saving a huge time for users. With the help of creative and informative videos, you can easily clear out all the possible doubts and queries of your customers in advance.

Website Content

In the case of running a clothing store, videos prove to be highly beneficial. Customers can seamlessly view the whole physical state or texture of the clothes and how it looks upon wearing. Thus, makes your customers’ purchasing journey more easy and pleasing.

Interactive Infographics

It is keenly observed that infographics prove to be the best interactive content. Highly creative infographics result in maximizing the number of your audience engagements. It yields more output than videos, data visualizations, and presentations.

Though creating interactive infographics is not an easy task, it takes a lot of time and labor. But, honestly, it yields a great amount of productivity. It is said infographics produce more social shares.

Here are the benefits of using infographics:

  • Provide a quick overview of a topic
  • Easily interprets a complex process.
  • Display research findings or survey data.
  • Gives the whole crux of a long blog or report in merely a few words.
  • Raise awareness about an issue or cause.

Thus, infographics are fun and educational altogether and ultimately assist in driving more customer engagements.

Live Chats

Live chats not only seem interesting but proves to be of great advantage to users. This feature is meant with an aim to offer a personalized experience to customers. Many queries and issues of users are instantly responded with live chats. With quick instant responses, it does not let your customers wait for long and hence, streamlines customer service.

Thus, by putting live chats you can place interactive content on your website and enhance more customer engagement.

Ask for Ratings

Do not hesitate to request ratings. There is no wrong in asking for the same. You can urge for it via feedback, comments, or a 5-star rating. It is an effective way to generate user interaction. These days no one likes those typical annoying pop-ups. You can make this feedback session more interesting by experimenting with some different ways instead of displaying pop-ups on your webpage. Use emoticons in spite of a 5-star rating, this sounds more fascinating to your users. You can yourself compare the results after implementing this strategy.


Assessments are great interactive content that aims to provide personalized feedback to the user. Basically, it is a test, questionnaire, or engaging tool displayed within the content to boost more user engagements. Assessments are one of the well-known and best parts of engaging content marketing.

With the help of assessments, you can get true and plenty of information about the users. It builds a healthy relationship with the users at all levels of the funnel. One of the most outstanding points in the use of interactive assessment is the high generation of engagement.


To make your users interact with your website is undoubtedly a challenging task. It demands a lot of time, labor, creativity, newness, and much more. Every day, you need to bring some newness or strategies that can maximize your customer flow and, displaying interactive content is one of the strategies.

By experimenting with many ways, you can produce engaging content to increase your traffic. The above-shared tips can bring massive change, do utilize them to get enhanced outcomes.

It is of utmost importance to publish informative yet enjoyable content to not let go of your readers.

In simple terms, engaging content has such power and versatility over typical traditional long blogs and articles. That’s why it yields enhanced output as well.

We hope this informative writing may solve all your queries and hunger for knowing these tips. Do share your valuable remarks with us.

Thank you!

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