Dedicated Server Security: How Can It Keep Your Data Safe

Dedicated Server Security: How Can It Keep Your Data Safe

When it comes to running a business online it’s absolutely critical that your data, and the data of your clients, remain safe and available. But what “safe” means can have many various interpretations:

  • Is the data online and accessible?
  • Is it stored somewhere for easy retrieval and backup purposes?
  • Is the data restricted and locked down for protection purposes?

As a business, you’ve several choices to make about your hosting environment and how you keep data safe. However, one choice is certain: dedicated servers provide the best protection for your data.

This is accomplished through two primary methods:

  1. Physical security
  2. Security on the server itself

Physical Security

Since a dedicated server is dedicated to one client it allows for extra devices to be placed in-line with your connection that can provide security benefits. These devices, like hardware firewalls or IDS/IPS (Intrusion Detection Systems/Intrusion Prevention Systems), are typically not allowed in front of any sort of shared hosting environment (true shared hosting or VPS servers) because of the risk that they may interfere with traffic for another customer.

Having a dedicated server allows you to use them without the risk of affecting others while providing increased inquiry of traffic and security for your server and the data you serve to your clients.

Ability to Restrict Physical Access to Server
Shared environments, like virtual private servers (VPS), are typically built together in web clusters. This restricts the ability to place a host within a locked cabinet. Restricting physical access to your dedicated server ensures that accidents don’t happen with power or network cables and may even be a requirement for your business needs (if you need to have HIPAA Compliant Hosting or PCI-DSS Compliance).

While all Sky Host UAE data centers have restricted physical access to employees (and even a subset of employees), having a locked cabinet for your dedicated server provides peace of mind that your machine is one more layer removed from being accessible. This layer helps protect your data from accidental interruption of service which could impact your business and clients accessing your sites.

Prevent Outages

Interruption or loss of your data can easily be stopped with dedicated servers by using multiple servers in multiple physical locations. Often the same sort of product is kept in the same area within a data center (so if you’ve multiple virtual private servers they may all be on the same parent or multiple parents very close to each other). This can create a problem if any sort of outage occurs.

Dedicated servers allow for multiple servers to be located not only within different sections of a data center but fully different data centers entirely. This provides the maximum protection for your data against unplanned outages and accidents.