Dear Parents! You need to be Friend more than Parenting to your Child

Dear Parents! You need to be Friend more than Parenting to your Child

How many of you parents give proper time and attention to your kids? Most of the time we only scold, stare, and even beat our kids for lower grades and miss behavior right? Have you ever tried to know the reasons why our children are acting so weird to us?

Why they don’t share anything with us? To whom they are going close? These are small things that we should know as a parent but as we know nowadays 80% of the parents are busy with the earning. They don’t have any idea how their kids are growing and what they are learning? Dear parents, you need to act more responsible than being telling yourself, parents.

When kids are small, they learn manners; develop knowledge and skills from their parents. Lack of parenting attention not only makes them ill-mannered sometimes but also brings mental depression and stress. As they gradually grow, they even become ill-tolerant, rude, and angry where he/she does not have any respect for the relationship. Angriness can kill your child internally, which needs to be controlled. So today we will learn about how to become the friend of your child and why it is important.

  • Be there when they need you the most: Sometimes, the children only want you and your time! Not money, chocolate, and other expensive gifts can satisfy them than having you. Maybe they want you to hear them, or might they are suffering from mental stress which they want to share with you. So it’s a perfect time to be close and gain the trust of your child. In such away, you can become a good friend of your child.

  • Spend more and more time with them: Don’t make them feel that they are not important to you! Plan for a movie, trip, or dinner at their favorite place, or even coming home with their favorite food makes them feel that they are special. You can establish a healthy bond!

  • Overprotective is sometimes good but not every time: Being protective is good as you are a parent and always want that your kids remain safe but being overprotective can ruin your relation. Youth need their own space! Don’t always through your thoughts and decision on them.

  • Respect their choices: You are a parent and it is not necessary that you will be always right. Whether it’s about clothing or choosing a career, respect their choice. If you try to overlap your choice on them, they will never succeed and remain mentally disturbed.

Friendly relationships develop a strong connection and healthy mental. If you daily give your child, especially growing young, they will learn how to communicate in society, deal with the problems.

Although you should maintain a proper line between the friendly nature and over-friendly nature with your children because if you think that giving freedom of your youth kid will lead to a healthy upbringing and a better future there, it’s always not true! Becoming too friendly with your kids can make him worse!

There has been a perfect time for everything whether being a mom you want to teach your teen girl about the first periods or about intimacy. The same happens with the teen boys!

Wake up call for all the parents who are working and non-working; give your child a stress-free life, a focused career, and a healthy mind because now everything is on your hand. They are the future of our nation; you can build them or broke them!


I am Amili Hudson and I love to write blogs on different niches such as technologies, trends, family, love, and IT.