Computer and Laptop are becoming the Backbone of Online Businesses in 2020

Computer and Laptop are becoming the Backbone of Online Businesses in 2020

Computer and Laptop are the Main Source of your Income during Homestay, so How to maintain these in Top condition?

During the pandemic as most of us are working from home, our main source of income depends on our Computers and Laptops. Which is why it is very important to keep these devices in top condition at all times? After all, in the current circumstances, we cannot afford to have technical issues with our computers and laptops.

So here is an article to help you keep your Laptop and computer in the best condition.

1. Delete any RAM Hogging apps

Apps or Programs which require too much RAM to run smoothly may cause your system to become slow. Therefore, check all the apps and programs on your Laptop/Computer and see which are using the most RAM, if it is not an essential App/Program for your work then uninstall it to keep your system running smoothly.

2. Scan for Viruses

Make sure to regularly scan your Computer and Laptop for Viruses. As you may daily browse through a lot of websites and some of them might be unsafe and may make you vulnerable to viruses, so it is better to scan for viruses and get antivirus or firewall protection in advance. In case you detect a virus, make sure to immediately contact a well-known expert for virus removal.

3. Keep data backup

There is always a risk of losing your data while you are working from home so, make sure to keep a secure data backup for your system. You can store it through a subscription to a cloud backup service like dropbox or get a data backup service plan from professional support experts. If you don’t have a backup then you may lose all your data in case your system breaks down.

4. Regular cleanup

Make sure to Regularly clean any temporary files and other unnecessary junk files from your system. These files may be taking up your RAM space without you knowing so it is important to run disk cleanup from time to time. You may do it yourself or seek professional support assistance if required.

5. Add RAM

If you feel like your system needs more capacity as some programs which are taking too much RAM are absolutely necessary for your work and thus cannot be uninstalled, then you should consider adding more RAM to your system. It is a great solution for speeding up and enhancing the responsiveness of your Laptop and Computer.

I hope you find these tips helpful and if you would like to add anything more to this list please leave a comment with your suggestion.


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