404 Error: How to fix

404 Error: How to fix

A 404 error is an HTTP server code that indicates that the page or website you are trying to reach has been deleted or shifted to another site. In simple words, the server couldn’t find the page that you are looking for.

An error message can be reflected in these formats

  • 404 Not Found

  • 404 Error

  • Error 404

  • The requested URL [URL] was not found on this serve

  • HTTP 404

  • Error 404 Not Found

  • 404 File or Directory Not Found

  • HTTP 404 Not Found

  • 404 Page Not Found

Error 404 is not a server-side error, it’s a client-side error. It means the problem is from the client-side, the server is properly functioning.

Reasons for Error 404:

  • Incorrect/ Invalid or improper URL:

The format of URL you have pasted in the URL bar may be improper or invalid, then also server shows Error 404

  • Internet connection:

A slow internet connection can cause this issue. Due to a slow connection, the website takes more time to load and the server implies that the page is not found.

  • Deleted or moved page:

The URL is a deadlink or the content has been shifted to another website without any interlinking or reference.

How to fix 404 error:

Reload the page: Press F5 or click on the Refresh option. Sometimes this error may arise because the page doesn’t load properly.

Check the URL: Check the URL of the page and also check the format. Sometimes wrongly spelled URL shows this issue. So correct URL.

Check the alternate directories: Edit the URL and check for other pages. For example, if URL is www.homepage/a/b/c, then check www.homepage/a/b or www.homepage/a. Check through the pages and find the required content.

Search on the website: Open the home page of that website and use the search option or navigate the option to find the information that you are looking for.

Clear cache and cookie: Go to settings and scroll down to the option of clear cache and cookies or paste chrome://settings/clearBrowserData in the URL bar.

Contact the website: If you still face this error, open the contact page of the website and mail or call them about the problem you are facing.


Error 404 is frequently faced by users, however, that doesn’t mean it’s not serious. This error can reduce the DA (Domain Authority) and PR (Page Authority) of your website. Visitors may lose the trust of your website. Identify the errors from your website. There are tools like google search console, dead link checker which helps you to check 404 errors from your website. There’s another common error, which is faced by gamers, Roblox code error 267.


Written by: Shivam Pandya

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