Why should insurance brokers use WhatsApp IntegratedSoftware?

Why should insurance brokers use WhatsApp IntegratedSoftware?

Integrating WhatsApp with CRM is probably the cleverest thing software providers have done so far.

Obviously, People read Whatsapp before they read SMS or email.

In the case of the insurance industry, this integration is a kind of essential feature. But a very few insurance software providers like Sibro have this integration. As the insurance industry is rapidly influenced by digital space, this is certain. Let me explain to you why.

How will WhatsApp for insurance brokers help?

  • Share RFQs and Quote comparison sheets directly from the software.

  • Send the policy documents instantly.

  • Inform about the document shortfall and get them immediately.

  • Get immediate responses to the queries.

  • Leave a birthday message to the customer.

  • Track follow-ups with the customer regularly.

  • Use an unlimited number of WhatsApp templates.

  • Share information with many customers simultaneously.

  • Avoid setting up a call center.

Apart from these benefits, insurance ERP software will become more interactive and responsive after integrating WhatsApp.

Let me give you a few cases of how insurance brokers can benefit from this new integration.

Case 1: Firstly, as insurance brokers receive the policies on their desks, they will send them to customers through the post. It will take some time from days to a week maybe. Then, the customers will acknowledge that they have received it. This process will almost take a week. This is why customers can’t see the policies they have purchased instantly.

But now, brokers can send the policies directly to the customers’ WhatsApp. So, they can check and clarify it in an easy and quick way.

Case 2: When a broker finds a prospect business, he has to listen to the prospect’s needs, create RFQs, and send it to the insurance companies. Once they respond, a broker has to share the quote slip with the customer. Usually, the broker will send it as an email. Not every customer will have email access all the time or keen enough to check their mails regularly. So, the broker has to call and inform about the slip.

This process is time-consuming.

But now, quote slips can be sent in WhatsApp so customers can immediately decide if they want to buy this quote or not. When other insurance companies send their quotes, it can be shared via WhatsApp too, i.e., a quote comparison sheet.

Awesome, isn’t it?

Right! WhatsApp integration is taking the insurance business to next level of prospects and customer interaction.

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Author Bio: Raeshmiya Asokan is an experienced content creator in various fields and particularly insurance. She is working in a software developing company.