What Are The Types Of Honey?

What Are The Types Of Honey?

Our country has a rich flora and climate. Whichever region we go to, we have the possibility to encounter a different natural beauty and a different climate. All of the honey obtained from our regions with such a rich climate had a different smell and taste.

Beekeeping in Pakistan

Regions, where beekeeping activities are intense, are the Aegean and the Black Sea regions. In our country, which has abundant climate diversity, beekeeping activities are carried out in KPK, Gilgit Baltistan, FATA, Kashmir, and rural areas of Sindh.

The varieties of honey obtained in Pakistan can be summarized as follows:

Chestnut Honey :

Chestnut honey is generally obtained from beehives placed inside chestnut trees in areas facing the sea in areas where chestnut trees are densely populated. Chestnut honey has a dark brown color, less sweetness than flower honey, and a distinctive intense scent. In June and July, when the branches are blooming, bees begin to collect nectar from chestnut flowers. While bees collect extracts, they also contribute to the formation of chestnuts by pollinating them.

Pine Honey :

It is mainly obtained in the Aegean Region of our country. Bees obtain pine honey from the secretion secreted by pine trees in certain periods. Compared to flower honey, pine honey has less sweetness and moderate taste retention. It leaves a unique taste on your palate with its high consistency and less slippery texture.

Sunflower Honey:

It is seen where there are sunflower fields in the Thrace Region. It is a type of honey formed by the bee taking the nectar inside the growing sunflower plant. At the same time, when bees receive this nectar (extract), they contribute to the pollination and fertilization of the plant. Sunflower honey is golden yellow in color. It has a unique taste.


Citrus Honey :

Citrus honey is a type of honey obtained in the Mediterranean Region, where citrus varieties are abundant. It is obtained from the nectar of the flowers of the trees in the lemon, tangerine, and orange groves. It has a distinctive citrus scent and flavor. It has a refreshing aroma. It has a light yellow color, quickly dispersing in the mouth and a fluid texture.

Thyme Honey :

Thyme honey is obtained from thyme flowers around Kayseri, Malatya, and Bingöl in June and July. The permanence of the taste in the mouth is high. It has a soft and medium sweet flavor. It has a high consistency and poor slipperiness.

Lavender Honey:

Lavender honey is the best honey brand in Pakistan obtained from nectar collected by bees from lavender nectar in gardens where lavender plants are grown. It is found in KPK and Punjab provinces where the lavender plant is grown. It has a unique fragrance.

Linden Honey :

It is a type of honey that is generally seen in the Black Sea Region in our country, in the spring months, in places where linden trees are dense. It is obtained from the nectar that bees in the hives placed around the trees take from the linden tree flowers. The consistency of linden honey is denser than other honey and has a characteristic odor.

Flower Honey :

Known as highland honey, flower honey consists of nectar collected by bees from different flowers. Flower honey, which is the most preferred type of honey, has a clear appearance, medium fluidity, a very aromatic and completely characteristic texture, and a unique scent.

Queens Organic Honey:

This is the most unique type of honey good for cough and joints. This is being produced in the mountainous area of Gilgit Baltistan. This produces from the flowers of cherry.