What are the benefits of using franchise CRM software?

If you’re running a franchise and manually completing your paperwork, then you’re surely wasting much time. One of the main advantages of adopting a franchise CRM software is the automation of records, back-office data, and keeping track of all bookkeeping details. This helps you to automate time-taking task and enhance intra-franchise relationship along with easy communication across the franchise network. 

Now, if you’re planning to take your marketing campaign to a new level with customized ads, also want to gear up your customer service process, then probably there’s no other software better than franchise CRM software.

What is franchise CRM software?

CRM can be abbreviated as customer relationship management which is an approach to organize a business’s customer conversations with the help of data analysis. The software is used to improve the relationship between franchisees and franchisors, enhance retention, and finally drive sales revenue. At the same time, CRM software in a franchise helps to facilitate the gathering, managing of customer data in one unified location. 

Franchise CRM is no longer just used for larger-scale franchise organization with a huge database of consumer, but are beneficial also for small and emerging franchise organization. It is designed to keep a track of all processes and operations within the franchise network. If chosen in the right way, a franchise CRM can be one of the most powerful management tools you can have. Some of the best outcomes you can get from a CRM system are strengthened consumer relationships, improved lead generation, and successful sales and marketing practices.

If you’re still not convinced how a franchise CRM solution can be beneficial, let’s get through the benefits of CRM software:

Enhanced customer satisfaction

One of the prime advantages of implementing a franchise CRM software is enhancing customer service and experience by storing secured consumer information. Learning more about your leads and customers helps you to personalize messages and offer more value from the beginning. Your franchise CRM makes it easier for you to track all customer’s details, correspondence, and other details as well. Then you can leverage this information to build resonant, engage messages with your customers. 

Customer Retention and Revenue

A franchise CRM helps to enhance customer relationships, but do you know how? By leveraging CRM software for your business, you will be able to enhance your customer retention rate, which often gets converted into increased revenue for your business. 

Find more leads for franchisees and franchisors

For a franchisee, adopting a franchise CRM is one of the best ways to generate more leads, without getting distracted from existing prospects. 

Brandwide’s marketing module lays out all the information that you need to keep your local advertising intact, focused, and relevant, laying down critical metrics at your fingertips in a user-friendly way. This helps to highlight the demographics of the customer. Once you have found out your target audience, BrandWide makes email sending and sending marketing campaigns easy with customized templates that can also be used from a smart device. 

Likewise, the Franchise operation module optimizes the outreach efforts of the franchisor to help you grow your business. BrandWide helps to retrieve customized pipeline reports from your email and keeps you updated about your key metrics and other developments. 

Increased collaboration

You can easily personalize your franchise CRM in a way that helps every department to communicate and convey messages thereby helping in closing sales deals, completing projects, and solve customer problems. You can also share documents through the cloud-based intranet, which offers easy real-time cooperation. Also, it makes it easy for a sales executive to convey the best practices when a peer colleague is on holiday or leave. 

Deeper Insights

Franchise CRM software provides significant insights for the franchisees and franchisors as well. Thus, you can collect important data about the sales rep’s performance, the average size of the deal, and the individual rate of conversion. Specifically, franchise CRM lets you see how good your business is and helps you to boost the productivity of your sales reps. These insights are always important for franchises within a competitive environment. It also helps you to identify efficiency gaps and polish your customer service. 

A franchise CRM also enhances your Business performance

A rightly chosen franchise CRM will. eventually, prove to be worthy by generating eventual business profit. There are a few important features your best franchise CRM software must-have. Let’s take a look at them:

Best features of a franchise CRM you should look for

Franchise intranet: Having access to a private franchise intranet helps the user to streamline key elements of messaging, systems, and support. You can easily store important customer data and insights into private digital libraries for easy conveyance, seamless integration with other applications.

Communicative help desk- The work that takes place at the back end will keep your business running effortlessly from the consumer’s perspective, thus lowering back and front franchise support. As a result, this would speed up your interactions, resolve your queries fast and you will also get hassle-free progress throughout your sales pipeline.Look for a customer help desk that has a FAQ, discussion forum, and searchable support system.

Task and calendar: With this feature in a franchise CRM, you can keep your customers updated about the work in progress, while you can send automated reminders to the ground level employees on their task and schedule.

Payment and invoice: Before, you decide to choose a CRM make sure your franchise CRM has an intuitive customer invoice platform and statement generation tools, an easy interface, and simplified report generation facilities.

Brandwide’s franchise CRM software enables you to send text messages, emails, memos to anyone in your business interaction all from the same platform. By doing so, you can meet your customer’s needs from your device on demand. Visit the BrandWide page for more information or set up a demo with our experts.

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