How Long Does It Take To Recover From Knee Replacement Surgery!

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Knee Replacement Surgery!

In our body, the knee is the most important and largest joint responsible for multiple standard functions on which we depend for the normal functioning of life. Imagining a life without knees is genuinely horrible. Only a person having knee issues can understand how pathetic it feels living with aching knees. If you, too, suffer from frequent knee pain, then it may be a call to consider knee replacement surgery.

Knee replacement surgery may sound horrific to anyone who does not know much about its recovery factors. Therefore, read on the following information comprising how long it takes to recover from knee replacement surgery and what to expect from the surgery results.

Recovery time for knee replacement surgery

It is a definite concern for anyone preparing for knee replacement surgery as full recovery, and you can get back to normal movement and routine. Therefore, most of the patients who plan for knee replacement have this concern before going for the procedure.

Having an injured knee or suffering from arthritis issues often leads one to think of knee replacement as the accurate solution. Working with an injured knee only invites suffering and makes things difficult to manage.

A healthy knee becomes when bones, cartilage, meniscus, and ligaments work fine jointly and give knee stability and strength. However, when there is an injury in the knee, it results in –

  1. Chronic severe pain Reduced and limited motion and functions
  2. The weakening of surrounded muscles

People who have knee pain and injury do not go straight for surgery but go for other knee relief treatments. After trying multiple therapies, medication, and remedies, the only solution is for knee replacement surgery when no satisfying outcome appears.

Especially for excessively worn cartilage and highly severe arthritis, the orthopedic expert recommends knee replacement or joint replacement procedure. So, if you or anyone in your family is recommended for knee replacement surgery, read the following information to learn about recovery duration and expectations post-surgery.

Recovery duration after Knee Replacement Surgery –

When it comes to recovery from knee replacement surgery, it will vary from person to person. Many patients take a few days only to go back to routine following the knee replacement surgery.

However, some people take weeks to get normal. Therefore, you should not expect inaccuracy of recovery duration suggested here from knee replacement surgery. But, yes, the recovery duration would be nearly around the recommended time –

  • Numerous patients have demonstrated recovery progress with basic knee movements immediately the next day of surgery.
  • With support, you can likely walk before checking-out from the hospital after surgery.
  • For patients who find it difficult to walk, physicians can recommend using a cane for 2 to 6 weeks as it gives extra support.
  • For the first six months, you may experience some swelling around the operated knee. If it happens, you should not worry because it is normal. By applying ice, you can get the swelling reduced.
  • To start driving after surgery, you should wait till off the pain medicine.
  • Sometimes, the blood accumulation causes a bruised area near the operated knee. If you notice that, you don’t need to panic because it is normal and disappears with time.
  • For getting back to any routine physical activity like sports or any other, you should talk to your surgeon before trying it out after surgery.

So, these are some noted facts about the recovery duration of knee replacement surgery. Knowing these factors will help you stay calm and stress-free about various consequences post-surgery.

Just remember that knee replacement has proven to be a boon to many suffering from intolerable knee pain and movement issues for years. Besides, the knee’s well-performed replacement surgery has shown around a 98% success rate after ten years.

In conclusion –

The pain and discomfort arising due to a troubled knee can make your life a nightmare. You will be limited to physical activities with a painful knee and cannot try various activities in life smoothly. Get knee replacement surgery from a recognized knee replacement surgeon and take a shift to a comfortable and pain-free life. If the concerns related to knee replacement surgery recovery stop you from going for it, keep such concerns aside because we’ve cleared all the aspects associated with the recovery duration above.

Just be informed that knee replacement can be a life-changer for you, and hence, you should not get stressed when recommended for this surgery. All you need is to consult an expert knee replacement surgeon for the best results.