How Drugs Are Destroying Youths Career and Life?

How Drugs Are Destroying Youths Career and Life?

Have you ever thought about the reasons why our kids and today’s youths are involved in drugs? How their career and life is affecting it?

We think that only the person who is consuming the drugs gets affected but it’s not like that. The whole family, the neighborhood, and society too get affected by it. It is a destructive problem or we can say a chronic disease that goes only when the person dies.

Although there are several reasons why our teenagers are getting attracted to it? Today what social life we are living is full of alcohol, fashions, money, and show off. Youth thinks that drinking alcohol with friends, taking drugs, and having sex is a style of living life. They feel ashamed if they don’t dress well; people make fun of them if they choose a cold drink instead of alcohol. That’s the life we are living in 2020.

Our youths need to understand that their life is not only there. They are the life of their families. Not only this, but drugs can suffer your health too. Why teenagers choose these drugs to live even knowing how it can destroy them?

  1. Business Loss

  2. Breakups

  3. Unhealthy Parenting.

  4. Bad Friends Company

  5. Attracted by Social life that is hi-fi.

  6. Want to be a part of a cool friend’s zone.

  7. Stress and Depression

How Drugs ruins Youth Life?

I know that most of the teenager enjoy this cool life but later they regret it! It slowly enters into your blood and makes you ill from the inside.

  • You can’t be a family person anymore.

  • You will have no family at all.

  • All your career, college life, and being a good student won’t help you to achieve a good business in the future.

  • Drugs generate a chemical imbalance in your brain means our brain stops working normally. Drug users will always remain depressed, anxious.

  • Drug addiction leads to infertility in many women.

How Drugs converts you into a criminal?

Once you become addicted to the drugs, you can do anything like stealing the money from your own house, killing someone who refuses to give you the drugs, and even can rape someone in the intoxication.

That’s not at all, your home financial situation becomes worst as you will need drugs daily. You will not think about the family, your career, and the future. What you need is- DRUGS.

Do you want to bring your happy family on road? Of course not, we understand it is very easy for the youths to indulge in these kinds of activities but you can stop yourself by self-motivation.

  • Also, you need to change your friend’s zone if you are going in the wrong direction.

  • If already become the drug-addicted, try to join the anti-drug programs

So I feel very bad that still our youth are involved in drug addiction. Our youths have to understand that coming out from drug addiction will be very difficult so it’s better to avoid it. Don’t be ashamed that you are a drug user, because you are not alone in this. Much non-profit company has started a rehabilitation center for the people like you.

Being a responsible citizen, it is our responsibility too to aware of the people, friends, and anyone who is suffering from the addiction.


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