A Helpful Buyer’s Guide for Fans

A Helpful Buyer’s Guide for Fans

Fans are the vital home appliances for every household, considering the extreme weather conditions that we all experience in India. Because of the ever-increasing demands for fans in India, many brands have ventured into its production and offering fans beautiful color options, trendy designs, and affordable pricing. There are different brands and manufacturers, and the price and design vary significantly. From Sujata to Bajaj and Orient, there are many brands out there, and you can compare the Sujata, Bajaj, Maharaja, USHA, and Orient Fans price list to grab the affordable deals.

Different Types of Fans

  • Pedestal Fans – Pedestal Fans are the best alternative to ceiling fans. This type of fan is widely used in small rooms where space is limited for ceiling fans. Unlike the traditional fans, the pedestal fans can blow air in a specific direction; hence, it makes the fan ideal for cooling certain areas or corners of a room.

  • Table Fans – As the name suggests, it is the type of fan that is used by placing it on a tabletop or desktop. It is the best option for small rooms, and it works efficiently to make any corner or room cool during summers. Table fans are best for personal use, and it comes with multiple speed settings. It also has tilt adjustment, safety grills, and oscillation functions.

  • Ceiling Fans – Ceiling fans are the common type of fan used in almost all households in India. Ceiling fans are the best option for beating the summer heat and staying cool when the temperature outside is soaring. There are different types and designs available. Ceiling fans are available in sizes, and you can choose the size of the blades depending upon the area you want to cover in your room. From 42mm blades to 56mm blades and more, you will find ceiling fans of all sizes.

  • Wall Mounted Fans – Wall mounted fans have a powerful motor, and it ensures higher air circulation across the room. It comes with jerk free oscillation and even operation, and this makes it suitable for any room. This fan has an aerodynamic design, and it is balanced perfectly with its heavy-duty blades.

Features to Look for in Fans

  • Blades – The speed, size, and position of the blades are the important factors to consider when buying a fan for your house. The fans with non-axial blades usually face the direction of airflow, and the axial-flow blades are mainly used in table and pedestal fans. There are also centrifugal fans that have perpendicular blades in the direction of airflow.

  • Power Consumption – This is another important factor to keep in mind when searching for the best ceiling or pedestal fans. You need to check the power drawing capacity of the fan and ensure that power consumption is less to keep the utility bill minimal. Avoid buying the fans that are loaded with extra and unwanted functions and features as it adds to the electricity bills and consumes lots of energy.

  • Operational Noise – The modern-day fans are designed for noiseless operation. But there are still some models that make noise when running and you must avoid such fans. You need to check for models that create minimum noise when operating.

  • Fans Oscillation – You need to check the oscillation function of the fans if you are buying a table, wall-mounted, or pedestal fans. It has nothing to do with ceiling fans. You need to check how efficient the fan is when moving back and forth or up and down and whether it is manually operated or has a remote to handle the speed and oscillation function.

  • Safety Features – You must check the safety features of the fan before buying. You have to check if it has slip-resistant feet, ETL safety listing, and grounded cord. These were some of the safety features that you worth considering when buying table or pedestal fans.

Hopefully, this buyer’s guide would help you find the best suited and efficient fan for your house. But before buying, you must compare the Orient, Bajaj, USHA, and Sujata ceiling fan price in India to find competitive and affordable deals online. With a comparison of the price list, it would be easier for you to grab cheaper deals and save money on fans.