7 Tips to Building & Marketing a Food Delivery App?

7 Tips to Building & Marketing a Food Delivery App?

When we focus on the last few years, we can’t ignore the progressive growth of the food delivery industry. So, the demand for developing on-demand food delivery apps is seeing a surge in recent times. However, with high demand, the competition has also become dense. How to gain a competitive advantage in the food delivery market where giants like UberEats, Zomato, etc., reigns? Even though the competition is tough, it is possible to embrace success if done with meticulous planning and use some serious tips. Here are few tips you should note down to build and market your food delivery app:

Where To Start From As An Non-Tech Entrepreneur

As you are venturing a new idea, you must sit down and do deep soul searching. You must start with the right approach to actually create any difference. Therefore, you should know what features you want and how they should work in the app way before hiring an app development company for the food delivery app. While hiring a team, you have to ensure that the company is right to develop your industry-standard food delivery app.

Have you considered the cost of hiring the right tech partner like AIS Technolabs for handling an app that millions of users will use? You will need a technical expert who can support the technical part of the app for you. However, before hiring an agency, sign an NDA and review other complete projects by the agency.

Prerequisites For Tech-Entrepreneur

Belonging from a tech world will definitely give you an edge over non-tech entrepreneurs. You would have an idea about the app development lifecycle and its nooks and crannies. However, you still may want to outsource the project to focus on another part of the business. Still, don’t keep yourself completely away from the app development process even though you have outsourced it. Therefore, stay in constant contact with the agency for the smooth development of the product.


How Much Time To Develop The App

Though the development of an app is context-based, one can assume that developing an MVP will take around 65-90 days. A fully functional product will take more time to complete, depending on various additional features, the tech stack, and complexity. In case you wish to save time, hire a tech development team that has already developed other food delivery apps before for multiple platforms.

Costs For Developing A Food App

Several factors determine the development cost of a mobile app. To start with, the addition of features in the app costs a hefty amount. The addition of features requires resources for development. So, good-level food delivery apps may cost around $30,000 to $40,000, if not more. However, the cost may differ from agency to agency. For example, app developers like AIS Technolabs may charge differently than other app developers.

How To Make Money From It

The online food delivery script is ready to come into life. But how would you make money with it? Money-making via the app becomes smooth with time when more and more restaurants join the app. A successful, app-based food delivery service with adequate staff and swift service easily has the profit of $100 million or more fiscal. Find here the ways your food delivery business will fetch you money.

  • Delivery charges

  • Peak-hour surge pricing

  • Commission charges

  • Advertising

Challenges To Face As You Enter The Industry

You have understood how your on-demand food delivery system will work on a holistic level. It is time to recognize what challenges the mobilized food-delivery market would encounter and its solution:

  • Competition: The food delivery market is already crowded as the industry is booming rapidly. Therefore, the entrepreneurs will face huge competition.

  • Restaurants Willing To Partner With You: As you are new in the market, finding some willing restaurants to team up with you would be a major challenge.

  • UI/UX stability between All Panels: Without keeping the UI/UX designs stable for the app through all panels, your food delivery app won’t be able to sustain itself in the market.

How To Market Your Food Delivery Application

Your food delivery app is ready and functioning smoothly while addressing the pain points of the market. But you have to prevent it from getting lost in the haystack while boosting it to reach suitable users.

Don’t keep marketing left for last. The strategizing about marketing should begin long before the app development process starts. So, how can you dominate the market of food apps? You have to gather marketing information, prepare a solid marketing plan and roll out the marketing strategy for maximizing the app’s potential in the competitive app market. Here are some definite ways to go forward with your online food delivery script.

  • Do Complete Market Research

  • Envision The Ideal Users Of Your Application

  • Analyze Your Competitors’ Apps

  • What’s Your Unique Value Proposition

  • Define Brand Messaging And Positioning

  • Collect PR Materials

  • Build Media List

  • Start PR Outreach

  • Create A Website Or Landing Page With SEO

  • Predefine Monetization Strategy

  • Add Screenshots And Videos

  • Add Localization In Your App

No matter what app you build and for which platform, you must keep in mind the importance of promotion first. When you focus on the marketing demographic for your food delivery app, it will work for your business.

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Hermit Chawla is an MD at AIS Technolabs which is a Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Food Delivery App Development Company. I would love to share thoughts on Social Media Marketing Services and Game Design Development etc.