10 Secrets to Successful Exhibition Planning

10 Secrets to Successful Exhibition Planning


Hosting an exhibition can be very difficult. You can get exhausted while making arrangements for it. It is necessary for you to remain alert and bright for a long time if you are hosting an exhibition at a small area, or hosting a show that is professionally organized or running a large event. The responsibility of making every attendee happy and satisfied with the exhibition, lies on your shoulders. Now I will describe about 10 secrets to successful exhibition planning.

  1. Pick the right exhibition – In order to get the important visitors, you need to attract them towards your exhibition. But for this, it is necessary to select the right exhibition by doing proper research. How many people will attend the event? Who will sponsor the event? How will they market the event? Get answers to all these questions so that your event can be successful.
  2. Set goals that are measurable – What are your expectations from the event? Try to identify this first. Then the measurable and specific goals need to be set by you. What are the ways to achieve those goals? Answer this question for making your event successful.
  3. Build a stand for showcasing your objectives – In order to attract the guests at the event you need to design a very good stand. It is necessary that the stand is branded, attractive and shows your objectives very well. If you will show a targeted and short message then everyone will like it.
  4. Do the advertisement and promotion – Before inviting the people to the exhibition, it is necessary to give them information about this. For delivering the message, you can use a website, newsletters and social media.
  5. Ask questions openly and without any hesitation – Ask open questions from people so as to indulge them in conversation. The questions need to be of that type so that their answers are not very short. The people will discuss their needs, issues and their company, if you will ask open questions from them. The same is with your prospective clients.
  6. Influence the people’s senses – The potential customers will not forget you if you will interact with them via exhibitions. Show your services or products in the exhibition so that the attendees can get all the details and necessary information about these by using their senses.
  7. Identify what you have to do – Give the people a nice smile and make eye contact with them. Have a fresh and smart look at the exhibition to make it successful. It is important for you to talk less and listen more. So, concise and short conversations need to be done by you. Keep your mobile off. Instead of selling features of the services and products to the visitors, sell them the benefits of these.
  8. Identify what you don’t have to do – Don’t show the people your back. Don’t speak on mobile all the time. Don’t sit in a way that a desk hides you.
  9. Do the recording – How will you classify a large number of people who will come to the event? You can classify them as general contacts, potential leads and simply leads. For identifying the interest of the people, use a recording sheet or use cards and write on the back of the cards because when the event will be over, then it will be not easy for you to remember all that.
  10. Evaluate your success – Did you achieve what you have expected from the event? For understanding this, you need to perform an evaluation of your success. In the marketing strategy, you can include what you have learnt from your target audience.

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